Video on Day 1 of Bond Notes in Harare CBD

IN THIS VIDEO: We visit the Harare city centre to check the situation on the first day after the introduction of bond notes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Source: Video on Day 1 of Bond Notes in Harare CBD – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 28, 2016

Bank queues remained quite long because with some banks giving out $50 worth of bond notes per transaction

Some retail outlets were refusing to accept the new notes, while others embraced them

Vendors were equally still sckepital, but the majority were accepting the new notes.

There were been reports, though unverified, of fake notes circulating, and wary vendors said they were closely inspecting the new notes before accepting them.

Members of the public felt ambushed by the last minute announcement of the features of the new notes.

On Tuesday we give you Day 2 update.


  • comment-avatar
    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    Let’s stop falling into the trap of calling these things ‘bond notes’.

    It says on the thing “I promise to pay the bearer two dollars”. It doesn’t say “American dollars” or Canadian, Australian or Hong Kong dollars. So what kind of dollars are they? They are only tradeable in Zimbabwe, so, by simple definition they are ZIMBABWE DOLLARS.

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 5 years ago

    These mabond papers are the equivalent of $US.

    • comment-avatar
      Mukanya 5 years ago

      I totally agree with your on equivalency rating of the Bond to $US and not US$ as is the norm.