Video: Villagers find their voice

After 36 years of being known as the stronghold for President Robert Mugabe’s disastrous rule in Zimbabwe – albeit amid intimidation and patronage- the rural populace may finally be finding their real voice the country’s political field.

Source: Video: Villagers find their voice – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 10, 2016

With #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka campaigns having aroused the mainly anti-Mugabe urban people, #ZimbabweYadzoka appears to be appealing more to the rural voters, with a campaign having penetrated Maoshonalnd East, a place known to be a Zanu PF stronghold.

Villagers, fed up of bearing the brunt of Zanu PF’s economic mismanagement, corruption and patronage, appear to have welcomed the new source of their voices, #ZimbabweYadzoka, under which they now openly express their disgruntlement with he government of the day that is led by a 92 year old Robert Mugabe whose efforts to defy age and failure appear to be fading with each day.

Typical of the pungwes of the liberation struggle where the rural people expressed their dislike for the colonial rule, #ZimbabweYadzoka is the new rallying point for the long-oppressed rural citizenry that has carried the biggest burden of Mugabe’s misrule.
Zimbabwe’s rural areas are some of the least developed areas in Zimbabwe.

#ZimbabweYadzoka, like other civil action fronts #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka, are just a complementary effort in a country where disgruntlement over Mugave’s ruinous policies is rising everyday.

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Victor Chimhutu, co-ordinator of #Zimbabwe Yadzoka, said they had extended the campaign to outlying areas to keep the populace informed on latest socio-political developments.

“We are a non-political organisation. We are just here to give rural people civic education telling them about what is going on in the country. We have come here to ask from the people and also provide them with information and what we see is that the issues articulated and expressed under #Tajamuka/Sesijikile and under #ThisFlag in urban areas are also resonating in rural areas,” Chimhutu said.