Voices for Zim wildlife

via Voices for Zim wildlife – The Zimbabwean 8 July 2015

Voices for Zim Wildlife expresses its disappointment at the export of baby elephants from Zimbabwe to China “especially after all that we did to secure their liberty, the petitions we signed, the marches, the massive demonstrations”.

“It has been 10 months since the baby elephants were kidnapped from their mothers and the cries for their freedom had almost faded. After such a period of time, one can be forgiven for forgetting there was such a fight pending or for the naivety of thinking the Zimbabwe government had gotten the message and were reconsidering selling them,” said spokesperson Kenesias Dambakurima.

“We believe that a strategy based on reverence, compassion and inclusion will ensure a true conservation ethic, one that will bring human and animal communities together, ensuring the survival and enrichment of both. In the hope of furthering this end, we are designing programmes that are clever, tactical and engaging in an effort to draw attention to the plight of wildlife in Zimbabwe. We want to attract a great number of good citizens to engage in the mighty struggle to cherish and protect our wild heritage. “We call for peaceful and creative advocacy, promoting the idea that We the people of Zimbabwe are the guardians of her wild beings, their protectors and their friends. We need responsible stewardship of the land that looks to compassion for guidance and not to greed nor dominance.” – email: voiceforzimwildlife@gmail.com