VP Mphoko explains hotel stay

Source: VP Mphoko explains hotel stay | The Herald June 27, 2016

Nduduzo Tshuma Bulawayo Bureau—
VICE President Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday dismissed allegations of corruption against him and his son Siqokoqela as he explained his stay in a Harare hotel, saying there was a mudslinging campaign by detractors seeking to soil his name.Addressing journalists after handing over day-old chicks to members of the Nketa community here, VP Mphoko denied private media reports that he was corrupt.

The private media claimed recently that VP Mphoko allegedly tried to secure a $350 million loan at 20 percent interest on behalf of Zesa Holdings from Botswana’s Capital Management Africa (CMA).

It was further reported that the Vice President, taking advantage of his son Siqokoqela’s links with the Botswana-based firm, wanted Zesa to get a $350 million loan at 20 percent interest per annum .

Siqokoqela allegedly holds 5 percent stake in CMA and was said to have been directly involved in structuring and negotiating the loan. President Mugabe, the reports said, allegedly blocked the deal which would have seen Zimbabwe paying $70 million in interest on the loan. “There are accusations being made against me that I’m corrupt. It’s also said that I’ve overstayed at the hotel,” said VP Mphoko.

“First thing, I’m not corrupt. I don’t need anybody’s money. God gave me what I have. I’m 76 (years) now. I’m not looking for anything. I don’t want President Mugabe’s position. He (President Mugabe) appointed me to be a Vice President because John Nkomo had died, I didn’t take anyone’s position. I didn’t take anyone’s wife, and I have my children, my home and my own life is God-given. It is corrupt people who are saying I’m corrupt.”

A group linked to the MDC-T calling itself Tajamuka last Friday held a demonstration at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare alleging that VP Mphoko had overstayed at the hotel. The group, through messages on social media, also called for a boycott of Choppies supermarkets’ products.

“We run Choppies, it is a people’s shop. Our low prices have forced every retailer to reduce theirs. They can’t overcharge because people would opt for Choppies. They want to tell lies and say I’m corrupt as a justification so that when they go and attack Choppies, they would have misled people,” said VP Mphoko.

“I know the people who are responsible. They know that I’m not corrupt. I have a very clean record throughout my life and that is the biggest problem they have. I don’t have any record of transgression. For them to carry out their plot they need to soil my name first but it won’t work.”

VP Mphoko said before his appointment, he stayed in private hotels but moved to the Rainbow Towers as per Government requirements.

“The day I was appointed VP of this country, I was staying at Meikles Hotel. According to Government regulations, I had to move out of Meikles because it is a private hotel. I moved to a Government hotel which is Sheraton (Rainbow Towers). The Government has got shares there,” he said.

VP Mphoko also dismissed accusations that he refused to move into a Government house bought for him by the State in Harare.

“People don’t know what they are talking about. The house that the Government has bought me is not even worth $3 million. It’s $1 million and something. I live in a Government hotel. It’s as good as staying in a Government house. It’s as good as (Morgan) Tsvangirai who is staying in a Government house. Tsvangirai is staying in a Government house which is as good as staying at Sheraton.”

VP Mphoko said before moving into the house acquired for him by the Government, it has to meet laid down security standards. “The Presidency is an institution governed by strict security, strict protocol not anything outside that. Long back I used to drive from South Africa, park my car along the road and sleep but I can’t do that now. The men I travel with can’t allow me to do that,” he said.

“People talk about things they don’t know. My house even here in Bulawayo has been turned into a Government house in the sense that protocol and security are dominating.

“Those who are talking have failed. They know it because they want me to be like them. I will never be because my life is governed by prayers and God. All their efforts will not work.”


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    Yayano 6 years ago

    Mphoko is taking us for fools.
    How can he compare staying in a hotel to staying in a government house? Is he implying that the government is not paying anything because it has shareholding. If that is the case then that’s wrong. That hotel must be run at a profit and by him staying there he is denying a full paying customer to take the rooms he is using.
    He must do the decent thing and vacate the hotel. If anything it doesn’t look good on him and he will be remembered for that.
    How can it take so long to get a house for him? It shows he is very choosy in a country which stinks with poverty caused by him and his gang of thieves. Shame on you Mphoko!

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    Awww shame VP Mphoko, the house the Government acquired for you is “only worth $1. Something million”. Try telling that to your own people, who live under black plastic. Also don’t tell us that EVERYTHING you have got was given to you by God. You will be rewarded one day by God and that will be a Looooong visit to hell, where you will be very happy with the rest of your evil regime.