‘VP war vets’ pan Zanu PF purges

via ‘VP war vets’ pan Zanu PF purges – DailyNews Live Blessings Mashaya • 7 April 2016

HARARE – War veterans and disaffected Zanu PF youths loyal to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa have written a strongly-worded letter to President Robert Mugabe, challenging him on the continued expulsion of party officials perceived to be close to the beleaguered VP.

They also sensationally described the nonagenarian’s powerful wife, Grace, as allegedly “the greatest enemy” of the ruling party.

The 14-page letter emerged after a meeting of disaffected Zanu PF members that was held at Club Chambers in Harare on Tuesday night — where attendees provocatively chanted “Pasi neG40 (Down with G40 )”.

Expelled Zicosu leader Tonderai Chidawa, war veterans Batsirai Musona and Danny Musukuma, as well as Collen Machingura of Youth in Farming, Memory Masengu (Youth Against Sanctions), Absalom Mabuse (Youth Service Graduates Association), and Innocent Mhlanga (Children of War Veterans) also defiantly said that they remained members of Zanu PF despite their expulsions.

“It is important to note that the suspended and expelled members are still members of Zanu PF because the decision to suspend them and expel them was not procedural.

“We consider the suspensions and expulsions unprocedural, vindictive, unconstitutional and detrimental to the cause and longevity of the revolutionary party.

“We firmly believe that membership does not derive only from registration but from conviction in the values, principles, policies and objectives upon which the party is founded,” part of the letter to Mugabe reads.

The angry Zanu PF followers also claimed rudely that party national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, and Grace were “the greatest enemies” of the party.

“It is quite perturbing to note that the national political commissar … Kasukuwere has fingerprints tracing on all fabricated cases. It can therefore be proper to construe that … Kasukuwere is the brains behind the chaos currently savaging the party and he should be called to account.

“It is clear from the aforementioned that the major security threat to the ballot come 2018 general elections cannot to be said to be Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC, Tendai Biti’s PDP, Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zapu, Joice Mujuru’s ZPF, but our own commissar.

“We have also followed the behaviour of the First Lady at her rallies, the platform she has used of late to subject other senior party members, war veterans and even members of the national security service to public censorship.

“We fear that her approach has created divisions in the party and has not set a good example to the country’s youth and the general electorate, whose votes we preciously need come 2018.

“The motive for our mother’s approach is not clear. It is the lack of clarity on the motive behind the inferences which has created mixed reactions hence more structural divisions in the party,” the letter claims further.

The Mnangagwa supporters also came just short of denouncing Mugabe himself, while moving to discredit Zanu PF’s National Disciplinary Committee.

“The level of discipline within the institution has reached alarming levels. First case is the vicious attack and vitriol levelled against … Mnangagwa … by a very junior member of the party Sarah Mahoka. If party disciplinary procedures were still guided by the constitution and there was fair and just practice …. Mahoka’s conduct should have been immediately abhorred and she should have been brought before the disciplinary committee and dismissed for abusing a whole vice president.

“However, we note that bad precedence was set. The organ has been admitting and deciding fabricated cases which have no evidence at all. The majority of the allegations are hogwash, plain and they lack substantiation.

“We all believe that all these developments are part of a broader regime change scheme aimed at removing … Mugabe from office with …. Mnangagwa being the current prime target,” the letter to Mugabe added.