War vets cry foul as govt repossesses idle land

War vets cry foul as govt repossesses idle land

Source: War vets cry foul as govt repossesses idle land – DailyNews Live

Farayi Machamire      9 March 2017

HARARE – The War Veterans’ ministry has bemoaned the repossession of idle
land parcelled out to the ex-freedom fighters under the violent land
reform programme.

In a statement, the Tshinga Dube-led ministry called on all ex-combatants
who had lost land under the repossession exercise to approach his
ministry’s provincial offices to get their names and details documented.

This comes after Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora said that the
Surveyor-General’s Department was conducting a survey to evaluate all the
farms government acquired under the land reform programme.

“We are going to repossess and then reallocate vacant plots, while
underutilised land, especially under the A2 model, will be downsized,” he

“Government will not take away land from someone on the ground, but will
re-plan and downsize where necessary in order to increase land use. It’s
the same process as downsizing, except that this one targets those who are
not using land properly or optimally because their farm is too big for
them,” he said.

“It should be clear that we don’t want to downsize the properties of
productive farmers,” he added.

Mombeshora said if someone has above maximum farm size but is utilising
that property optimally, “then we’d rather support that farmer to increase

The War Veterans ministry said the affected ex-freedom fighters must
provide “their names, war veterans number, national identification number,
province and district, date settled, name of farm, subdivision and size
copy of offer letter, any evidence of threat to withdraw and court papers
if there is any court action underway”.

The land reform exercise saw around 5 000 white commercial farmers being
violently evicted from their land by President Robert Mugabe’s supporters
and war veterans over the past 17 years while more than a dozen farmers
have been killed.

The new occupants, mainly war vets, lack farming skills and can barely
make ends meet.

Their agricultural output is a fraction of the level seen before 2000,
when Mugabe – who argued the move sought to right colonial wrongs –
grabbed land from experienced white farmers.

The new occupants are also being hammered by a stagnating economy that has
seen banks reluctant to lend undermining their businesses.

The War Vets ministry said: “Due to the above circumstances, the . . .
ministry has pleaded with His Excellency to intervene at the highest level
to stop the ministry of Lands or any other authorities in these dastardly
activities from countenancing or approving such dispossessions and


  • comment-avatar
    Joe Cool 1 year

    Did anyone stop to think that LAZINESS might be involved in all this?

  • comment-avatar
    Chatham House 1 year

    Now the War Veterans have some idea of how Bonkers the Bonkers Club was steal land in the first place! Stealing land and asset stripping it is a well know trait of the Bonkers Club. Who went Bonkers at Kondozi?

    • comment-avatar
      Christian 1 year

      How ironic! Seriously, I’ve heard life can be stranger than fiction but Zimbabwe really takes the cake!

  • comment-avatar
    Doris 1 year

    What comes round goes round!

  • comment-avatar
    GG 1 year

    They were all so eager to kill white farmers for their masters – Karma is a bit*h you get everything bad that comes to you

  • comment-avatar
    Former Farmer 1 year

    If only they owned the land then they would have pride in it and work it correctly. Banks would then support them, HOWEVER, I have my title deeds and still own my farm. Squatters have no right to occupy that and recieving stolen property is a criminal offence. My constitutional rights are ignored and so the nation finds it has no friends.
    Simple solution, respect my rights and remove the squatters. ZRP should do their jobs as per their mandate. Is this asking too much ????

    • comment-avatar
      Joe Cool 1 year

      It’s too much to ask of Zanu PF – but you do still own your farm, so hang in there because ultimately this country will grovel and beg for rescue and you should get your farm back if the ‘development partners’ do the right thing.