War vets fight over Mugabe, Grace slurs

via War vets fight over Mugabe, Grace slurs – The Standard March 6, 2016

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary for lands George Matenda yesterday said the former fighters were angry that the association’s chairperson Chris Mutsvangwa and secretary-general Victor Matemadanda insulted President Robert Mugabe and his wife.


Matenda was speaking in Harare on the sidelines of a meeting held by a faction that says it has taken over from Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda.

The meeting was attended by George Mlala, whom the faction says is now the ZNLWVA’s interim deputy chairperson. The group is believed to be aligned to the G40 faction in Zanu PF.

Matenda accused Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda of insulting the First Family — a crime which he said was punishable with death during war times.

“If we were at war we would have killed them and they know it. You cannot insult the First Family,” he said.

“It is only people like Rugare Gumbo who have done it before and that is why they are in the cold, yet we see Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda doing the same.”
In a statement, the ZNLWVA faction applauded the Zanu PF politburo decision to suspend Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica.

“We are heavily annoyed by the display of arrogance and defiant behaviour by Victor Matemadanda of unleashing insults towards the First Family while Headman Moyo stood aloof,” the statement said.

“These juvenile politicians are both members of the central committee and pretend to be loyal to the president, Robert Mugabe; we can no longer allow them further interference with affairs of war veterans association.

“As a result of such shameful and deceptive behaviour by these misguided elements in the association, [the] war veterans’ leadership is calling upon its conscious minded comrades to desist from this uncultured tendency.”

Meanwhile, Matenda also took a swipe at former vice-president Mujuru for forming her own party – Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF).

He said ZimPF was Mujuru’s project to get money from the donor community.

“The president [Robert Mugabe] said it. Whether you call it People First, second or third; no one from Zanu PF will succeed in forming their own party. If they want they can go ahead and do so. Mujuru wants to suck money from the Americans,” Matenda alleged.
Mujuru’s party is believed to be backed by a number of senior war veterans.


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    kalulu 6 years ago

    This person claiming to be a war veteran has closed mind and should go to hell with his murderous so-called first family.

    If this person is a genuine war veteran he should be one of the idiots who just joined the war because of the ‘enjoyable’ songs that he heard from the illustrious war veterans during the war without understanding the cause for the revolution.

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    Judas 6 years ago

    Another rat told what to vomit.Matema is not a war veteran.he is there singing the Bob Marley songs for selfish ends.These are people we must condemn,they hate Zimbabwe and its citizens yet they claim to have fought the war.if indeed they fought,they had no vision whatsoever.they are a disappointment to the nation.

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    jemma 6 years ago

    the war was never won dont be fooled smith won by getting these fools to negotiate and they are still smarting from 36yrs ago ndosaka vachifunga kuti vachiri relavent in this tyme .alas bush minds in2016 sori kunevese vanehama idzi

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    “If we were at war we would have killed them and they know it. You cannot insult the First Family,” he said.

    Pathetic! So, can such an organization be expected to rule in a democratic & just manner? No. An organization, whose members openly boast of killing even those of their own for merely disagreeing with the leader & his wife. Shame!

    Of course, Matenda is just openly & truthfully boasting of what everyone already know. Yes, we all know zanu pf is a blood-thirsty murderous mafia organization. It has always been like that through & through – in war time as well as in peace times, including today. Matenda’s statement seems to hide the fact that zanu pf continues to murder/kill people for holding different views even today – on this he is been untruthful. We all know zanu pf has continued with its killing spree up to this day. In fact, we all know zanu pf killed much more people during peace time (i.e. from 1980 to date) compared to those they killed during war time (i.e. before Independence) – no one can dispute this fact.

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      Chief Charumbira 6 years ago

      I am ashamed of sekuru Matenda who seems bent on castigating his felow comrades for exercesing their democratic right by pointing ills which will destroy the revolutionary part from within. Mutsvanga, Headman Moyo & Nematanda are true heroes of the revolution as they want to preserve the legacy of the party and the ideals of the revolution rather than self-seeking opportunists in the mould of George Matenda whose liberation credentials are suspect and dubious. How can a true cadre embrace those bent on destroying the party from within? Whose mandate does this Matenda opportunist have? In any case those are his own views which do not resonate with those of true cadres of the revolution

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    amina 6 years ago

    The war of liberation was to fight inequality among man kind, bringing justice and the removal of such British or American titles, so Matenda what first family are you talking about. Mugabe and his prostitute or concubine are just ordinary citizens which people dumb as you try to elevate and make gods. I doubt your credentials of war. True veterans never worship any one. Mugabe was never a military commander and neither was Grace, so if its not robbery how do they happen to be above all.

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    DISGRACE 6 years ago