War vets get maize tender

The government has reportedly awarded the War Veterans ministry a tender to supply 100 000 tonnes of maize to the Grain Marketing Board.

Source: War vets get maize tender – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 28, 2017


War veterans minister Tshinga Dube told NewsDay Weekender that his ministry was venturing into business to “reduce over-reliance on government” as Treasury continues to struggle with dwindling revenues.

“Our people are in Zambia right now to finalise the deal that will see us bring in the first 10 000 tonnes this week. The profits raised from this deal will go towards the welfare of our war veterans, basically issues like burials, medical needs and other low-cost needs obviously excluding school fees,” he said.

Dube said the ministry would also be looking at forming a security company, which will employ its members and give them a chance to earn a living.

“We have monthly pension payouts of just $100 and you can agree with me that one can’t live on that money. So if we have that security company and if we employ them it will help,” he said.

Government, facing a serious cash squeeze, is struggling to fund the needs of the war veterans, many of whom continue to wallow in poverty. Dube’s ministry owes the former freedom fighters $31 million in outstanding school fees pay-outs.

With his relationship with the former freedom fighters at its lowest since independence, President Robert Mugabe is using everything at his disposal to try and woo war veterans.

Mid-last year, war veterans, miffed by Mugabe’s continuing stranglehold on power, issued a damning statement accusing the veteran Zanu PF leader of being manipulative.