War vets urge Govt to support ZACC

Source: War vets urge Govt to support ZACC | The Herald July 11, 2016

Government has been urged to support the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission in probing high-ranking Government officials implicated in corrupt practices to fight a scourge that has reached epidemic proportions in the country. Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association spokesman Cde Douglas Mahiya last week, at a press conference in Harare, called for an investigations of some ministers over allegations of corruption.

He said the association of the liberation war fighters was concerned at the level of corruption in the country.

“It is the element that has destroyed our economy,” said Cde Mahiya. “While something is being done about corruption, we think more should be done. Those who are being investigated today, I want to assure you, are actually the small boys in corruption.”

Cde Mahiya said the “big boys” in corruption were yet to be brought to book. He pleaded with the Government to stop the rot and to assist the Anti-Corruption Commission to bring “these big boys to book”.

“Our estimation of the money that has disappeared is that if we can recover it, our economy will starting growing,” said Cde Mahiya.

“Our economy would be looking different, a difference which would make a difference in the people’s lives.”

Cde Mahiya said poor corporate governance and endemic corruption were partly to blame for the economic challenges the country is facing.


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    Reverend 6 years ago

    Am I to believe that the war vets are actually asking the zpf government to put themselves into prison! Really?!!! Tell me the name of one, yes 1 zpf minister, senator, or president/ vice president, police chief, army general and the rest that is not corrupt. Yes gentlemen the time is coming soon where this will be done but to be so stupidly naïve to think your present thieving goon show will do it, because they ARE the culprits. Tsa!

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    C Frizell 6 years ago

    LOL – Organised Crime in Zimbabwe (Zanooo) CANNOT stop corruption, its what keeps them going. The Tokoloshe has promoted corruption these last 36 years in order to stay in power. If corruption goes, so does The Tokoloshe