Warrant of arrest for ZTA boss Kaseke

Source: Warrant of arrest for ZTA boss Kaseke – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 22, 2017

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer, Karikoga Kaseke was on Thursday last week issued with a warrant of arrest after accruing $142 500 in maintenance arrears since July 2009.


Kaseke’s former lover Beverly Mujuru’s lawyers, Citizens Legal Aid Society and Advisory Trust, confirmed the development, saying the police visited ZTA offices with a warrant for his arrest, but failed to locate him as he was said to be out of country on work commitments.

“We are representing Beverly Mujuru, who is niece to Karikoga Kaseke. What happened is that Kaseke used to stay with her paying her school fees and they ended up having an affair and they had a child together. However, the kid is a special, he is crippled and is attending special school and his father is not taking care of him,” the lawyers said.

“We are helping her (Mujuru) with the case and she has reported to the police. The police went to his offices yesterday with a warrant of arrest and they did not find him because he was said to be out of the country.”

The warrant of arrest against Kaseke was issued after Mujuru approached the Harare Civil Court seeking the intervention of the courts to force him to clear his debt.

According to the court papers, since Kaseke was ordered to pay maintenance, he had not abided by the court order, prompting the court to issue him with a warrant of arrest.

“Sometime in 2009, the respondent (Kaseke) was ordered to pay maintenance for our minor child, who is disabled, at the rate of $1 500 per month,” Mujuru said in her affidavit.

“To date, the respondent has not yet paid the maintenance and the arrears are now $142 500.

“I, therefore, pray for a warrant of arrest against the respondent and an order for payment for the arrear maintenance in the sum of $142 500.”

The age of Kaseke’s child is not stated in the court papers.


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    Kaseke – what a stupid individual: if you bonk your niece of course you are going to have a special needs and crippled child. What sort of man is this guy?? He needs to be immediately fired from his jo for commiting incest. What a t..d.

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    Conelious moyo 5 years ago

    Wasn’t this niece under-age when this kaseke impregnated her? There was once an issue back then of rape, statutory rape or smthng way back then