WB officials jet in on Zimref mission

Two officials from the World Bank (WB) are in the country under the Zimbabwe Reconstruction Fund (Zimref) mission to improve Zimbabwe’s capacity to leverage much-needed infrastructure financing by working on the public investment management system and State-owned enterprises governance.

Source: WB officials jet in on Zimref mission – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 13, 2016


The mission, led by WB governance specialist, Zachary Milly and senior public sector management specialist, Fanny Weiner, runs up to Friday.

The team also comprises two experts from South Africa and Chile to share international experience with a senior audience, where policy options could be discussed, communications officer, Cheryl Khuphe said.

“The programme will provide technical assistance and policy advice to improve the regulatory framework for, and specific proposed joint ventures and public private partnerships in key investment areas. The programme will also support the reform of State-owned enterprises and parastatals,” she said.

“Zimref supports recipient-executed, bank-executed and hybrid projects under its four programmatic windows — private sector productivity and competitiveness; governance, efficiency and effectiveness of public expenditure; strengthening livelihoods and resilience; and analytical and advisory work.”

As at December 31, 2015, eight projects, totalling $60 million, were approved.

Zimref has raised contributions and programmed interventions totalling $40m.

Zimref is currently working on eight projects on national water, public financial enhancement, public procurement modernisation, business environment, financial sector and investment policy technical assistance, results based budgeting technical assistance, capital budgeting technical assistance, climate change technical assistance and poverty monitoring and ZimAsset monitoring and evaluation technical assistance.

Zimref is a successor to the Analytical-Multi Donor Trust Fund (A-MDTF), which was the World Bank’s main vehicle for financing support to Zimbabwe over the last five years.

Zimref is a country-specific multi-donor trust fund managed by the World Bank.

Its initial donors include Denmark, the European Union, Germany, Norway, the State and Peace Building Fund, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Denmark exited the fund at the end of June.
Zimref runs up to 2019.


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    If these people were experts in anything, they would have had better sense than to waste time and money coming here.

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 6 years ago

    What..??? You mean they gonna start looking for all that billions of loot Mugabe and buddies stole? Returning that to Zim (and stopping further theft) is the only way for the ZANU-PF destroyed economy to recover.

    Face it, Zim is in a sink hole… put there entirely by ZANU-PF. No political capital, no cash. Only thing left holding the nation together is that Zim is a country that includes some decent, civilized people who care about their families and neighbors…