We have had enough of Kasukuwere’s dirty tricks

Source: We have had enough of Kasukuwere’s dirty tricks – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 23, 2016

Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s blatant suspension of Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni for allegedly refusing to toe the line is uncalled for, reckless and smacks of hypocrisy.

NewsDay Comment

While Manyenyeni also played into Kasukuwere and therefore Zanu PF’s ploy to sack all the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T councils across the country, it was prudent to play it clean for the ruling party national commissar.

It is unfortunate that at a time Zimbabwe is supposed to be dealing with a myriad of challenges — including creating employment, service delivery and finding ways to grow the economy — Zanu PF firmly believes that the secret to prolong its stranglehold on power is only through suffocating democratic voices.

Suspending Manyenyeni and all planned suspensions of MDC-T led councils will not solve anything given what is needed in Zimbabwe is a complete change and to establish a new normal politically, socially and economically.

Unfortunately, the Zanu PF leadership has failed to read the signs of the times, and continues to refuse to accept reality.

Is it not true that Zanu PF promised over 2,2 million jobs if voted into power in 2013? Is it not also true that Zanu PF pledged to unlock $1,8 trillion to recapitalise the economy?

Isn’t it true that President Robert Mugabe pledged to eliminate endemic corruption within Zanu PF and government –and even dropped names as an appetiser for those that were willing to vote for him?

Nothing has yet happened despite all that Zanu PF pledged to do three years ago. Surprisingly, Kasukuwere has come up with a new shopping list — this time to up the salary of the civil servants to poverty datum line levels. What is even telling is a ploy to abuse by hook or crook the country’s liberation war heroes by promising to give each surviving member a $2 000 gratuity if reports are anything to go by.

Where will this money come from? Does Zimbabwe have the capacity to raise such funds given the genesis of the economic morass was the war veterans pay-outs in 1997?

Does Mugabe really care about the future of this country or he is simply preoccupied with keeping himself in power?

Zimbabweans must be warned — once bitten, twice shy. It is time for them to use their strongest and only weapon — the vote at the 2018 election. However, this is not going to be a stroll in the park given the ongoing infighting within Zanu PF. There is every reason to believe that the fights may continue without
let-up to the detriment of the country as Mugabe and his cronies try to cushion themselves.

Clearly, Zimbabweans need a strong opposition to lift them from the collapsing economy and the general decay of the country.

How can an opposition that has also shared power in a Government of National Unity just let up like that hoping the courts will protect them?

We do not want to think that the opposition still requires some massive handholding or coaching at this stage given their stint in the unity government. So, the MDC-T, like any main opposition party, must rise up to the occasion.

What have become of Gweru City councillors’ suspensions? The courts nullified Kasukuwere’s decision, but has anything happened after that to ensure the law is applied?

Does the MDC-T need another court application to enforce the ruling or what is needed is the operationalisation of the law? Kasukuwere must be reminded that Zimbabweans are tired of Zanu PF subjugation and indeed people power will prevail come the right time. Kasukuwere must not take cultured people for fools. People applied for the Harare job, and someone was professionally selected, so why the fuss? Meanwhile service delivery is suffering?