‘We pledge to deliver this time’

via ‘We pledge to deliver this time’ | The Herald January 26, 2015

Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha and Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa have pledged to deliver tangible results in their portfolios this year.

Addressing industrialists at a Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries symposium on the country’s economic outlook for 2015 on Thursday, the two ministers said they had used their first year in office to study and consult on what needs to be done to transform their sectors.

Zimbabwe’s mining sector is currently one of the anchors of the economy but continues to be dogged by issues of lack of transparency and accountability on mineral proceeds as well as smuggling of minerals.

On the other hand, the manufacturing sector, previously a major contributor to the country’s gross domestic product, has seen a sustained decrease in production owing to a number of crippling factors which has led to de-industrialisation and loss of employment.

But having been in charge of the two portfolios since their appointment towards the end of 2013, Ministers Bimha and Chidhakwa said it was time to spin the fortunes of their sectors around.

“Sometimes you do not need money to make big changes, we can do things differently and achieve what we want,” said Minister Bimha.

“Last year was a year of preparation and 2015 is the year of seeing things being done.”

Minister Bimha, who has a Herculean task of reviving ailing local industry which has seen capacity utilisation drop to levels below 40 percent, said he had done enough consultations for policy direction from stakeholders in the past year.

“Now we want to move and let’s hope we will make 2015 a better year than the previous year.”

Minister Chidhakwa said the ministry was undertaking various initiatives which would result in improved compliance and production in the sector.

“The last one and half years have given me an understanding of the Ministry of Mines, not wholly but sufficiently to enable me to be able to do what needs to be done,” he told industrialists.

“I want to assure people that from where we sit, we are determined and we will ensure that something happens.”

“It is what we do as Zimbabweans first which when others (investors) are looking at will say, there is something happening there and we want to be part of what is happening there,” said Minister Chidhakwa. — New Ziana.


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    We await with baited breath to see this event where DOGS GROW HORNS.

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    Under a ZANU PF government never will Zimbabwe come right!They have had 34 years and the country is still heading downwards!Corruption and looting is still the order of the day with no one being prosecuted!They prefer to rule in chaos as they wouldn’t be able to survive in a normal playing field!Zimbabwe will always be a embaressment!

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    Rodlin Mvelase 7 years ago

    Zimbabwe’s mining sector is currently one of the anchors of the economy
    but continues to be dogged by issues of lack of transparency and accountability on mineral proceeds as well as smuggling of minerals.This time what are you going to deliver? Why have you not delivered it in the past? Truth is you lot are such embarassment to Zimbabwe and can’t distinguish between left and right. For 35 years you have delivered torture, intimidation, lies, corruption, anti people and anti economy policies, and delivered more than a third of the population to other countries.
    You still barking about the same policies hence the only thing you will surely deliver is more people out of the country as those industries that still operate will shut down.

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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    What concoction did these JOCKERS sample/drink at the symposium, which made them mumble/waffle the impossible.

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    Mixed Race 7 years ago

    These guys are jokers who should be ignored because a few weeks ago one of their ministers told the CEOs of these mines to employ ZANU-PF members alone regardless of their qualifications-How do you increase production with that type of workforce?That minister went further to ask these CEOs to channel the 10% of their diamonds production meant for the locals to her if they cannot make funds available for her to change it to funds.Is this not submission of real corruption and looting?What did this mines minister do to correct this misguided and naive minister who has dragged cheap politics to industry?
    Therefore, I think these guys have no clue how to turn their industries around because they lack sound management and skills for those industries they seem to control.It also appears that purging exercise has made most of these ministers to make useless statements to impress the head of state so that they do not become next victims of the exercise.They should show us concrete results than making numerous unqualified statements with zero results.My beautiful city Bulawayo is collapsing daily whilst these guys are busy making useless statements and promises.When you open your mouth and talk about our economy you really annoy us because our children have been reduced to beggars and vendors whilst theirs are seemingly doing well using nepotism and patronage methods.
    Silence and simple humility will make you better leaders because thus what a good leader should be a servant of the masses who judge them by their performance results.

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    Johno 7 years ago

    If it takes a whole year for these two gentlemen to “prepare” no prizes for guessing how long its going to take them to “deliver”!Ever heard of the saying “Once beaten, twice shy”? We all know nothing will come out of this!

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    John Moyo 7 years ago

    Its a good fiat accompli. It took one year to study the system and now they wanna DO THINGS differently. MONEY is not necessary! That’s the best news have heard since 1980. Good luck. we will be around to cheer you up as you go about this noble task.