‘We’ll defend H.E with our lives’

Source: ‘We’ll defend H.E with our lives’ | The Sunday Mail September 4, 2016

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators Association yesterday endorsed President Mugabe as Zanu-PF’s candidate for the 2018 harmonised elections.

At the association’s annual conference in Harare, Ziliwaco national chair Cde Pupurayi Togarepi said war collaborators would protect President Mugabe’s legacy.

“We will defend President Mugabe with our lives and will ensure he wins the next election. He is our candidate. We have worked with him and are confident that he will lead the revolution.

“We will never leave Zanu-PF; we are not in this party for positions but to be servants of the people. We will continue to support the party and vote for President Mugabe whether or not we have positions.

“There are some leaders within our party who bought themselves to the top without a clear history and agenda of our party. We voted for them, but they are destroying our revolution. We are going to defend this revolution with our lives.”

Regarding the recent opposition-led violence in Harare, Cde Togarepi said: “We voted for President Mugabe, so please, let him do his work.

‘‘Why don’t you wait for the next elections? We will never allow an unconstitutional change of Government.”

He said it was important for Zanu-PF to remain united behind President Mugabe to drive national development.

Among dignitaries at the conference were Harare Provincial Affairs Minister Miriam Chikukwa, Zanu-PF Politburo member Cde Omega Hungwe and other senior party officials.


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Is there enough money left to pay these prostitutes?

  • comment-avatar
    ntaba 6 years ago

    How will they elect him if he is dead?

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 6 years ago

    What a bunch of morons.

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    Defend him with your wives

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    Quentin 6 years ago

    Isn’t it time that Zimbabwe realizes that you can only milk a cow for that long until it is dry, It is now time to move
    forward and cut ties with the old and out dated regime and move forward with a younger fresh approach goverment which can take zimbabwe forward to the next level as the country has been driven into the ground and has a mountain to climb before it can prosper again and that can only happen with a fresh approach to meet world modern day politics
    For example : It is the same as a car race between a vintage and a super car, vintage car will keep breaking down and cannot keep up with the pace
    Dont get me wrong we are internally grateful for what the Hon R Mugabe and his goverment did by fighting for
    change at the time, but come on guys stand aside and lets move forward with the younger generation, retire and enjoy the rest of your life on this planet and be respected as the one that brought about change to the country and not the president put in power by the people later turned dictator abusing power and funds
    After all we should be looking at the next generation which will inherit the country and be coaching them from a
    distance, we really do not want to leave this world leaving the country in such a mess

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      Fallenz 6 years ago

      Oh yeah, your “Honorable” Mugabe milked dat cow for all it could give, and kept the milk fo himself… then he slaughtered the cow and ate it while others starved. That’s the mess the country is in, and that’s not what a nation’s leadership is about. How many businesses shuttered, how many jobs lost, how many bank accounts devalued to nothing, how many go hungry, how many innocents maimed and killed… while on the other side of the ledger Mugabe and a handful became unimaginably filthy rich from theft. So, what’s there to be grateful about..???

      “Retire”..? Should be retired to the gallows, along with all his cohorts, and then have their bones burned for enslaving the people and destroying the nation for the sake of their personal gain. Little wonder Mugabe admires Hitler and the dear leader of North Korea. He is not a whit better than they… and will join them for the eternity they all deserve. Can you even now hear the screeching of their never-ending screams of torment.

      If the younger generation learns nothing from the history of the past 36 years, and doesn’t learn to think for themselves rather than being brainwashed by designed lies, Zimbabwe will fade to nothing and be colonized and absorbed by its neighbors… or China. oh joy..!