Wistful Mugabe misses siblings

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Saturday revealed his sorrows of missing his siblings, saying he is lonely but also thanked God for the long life.

Source: Wistful Mugabe misses siblings – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 28, 2017


Mugabe celebrated his 93rd birthday in Matobo, Matabeleland South — a bash that was attended by several thousands of Zanu PF supporters.

The President, in his address, said he misses “so much” his siblings, asking how he has managed to live so long.

“I miss them. I miss them so much and sometimes I ask myself why I have remained to stay this long?” he said, adding he is comforted by the fact “we have all missions in our lives and those missions must be allowed to rein as long as one lives.”

“The decision to continue to live and enjoy the life is God’s. So on this occasion, we should thank the almighty God. My family and I, we all thank the almighty God that I have been able to live from 92 last year to 93 this year and most importantly from childhood to 93 today, which is a long journey.”


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