Women’s league welcome

via Women’s league welcome | The Zimbabwean 3 September 2014 by Jera

Despite the failed and costly trip to Beijing, Mugabe’s yes-men contrived a welcome party of cheering Zanu (PF) women’s league members, dressed in party regalia on which Mugabe’s features are imprinted. According to the Chronicle, VP Mujuru said ‘only Mugabe could have secured the agreements signed in China.’

Madam Vice President does not know a polite snub when she sees one. Khaya Moyo said ‘the President demonstrated unparalleled statesmanship when he articulated the country’s socio-economic agenda to the Chinese.’ In one sentence, the Vice Presidential hopeful reveals the long-held Zanu (PF) misconception that rhetoric, mere hot air, amounts to wisdom.

Some of the people in the rented crowd at the airport held up placards. But the banners might be more convincing if they were not professionally made on crisp white paper, most likely the work of Jongwe Printers, intended to create the impression of popularity. A genuine supporter, surely, would wield a handwritten banner, bearing streaks of wet paint. One genius in their midst held up a placard with a message obviously aimed at the West, reading ‘KEEP YOUR FILTHY MONEY.’ A strange thing to say, considering that America, EU and Britain continue to put food in our bellies, drugs in our hospitals and books in our children’s schools.


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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Overfed ugly sweating rent a muroyi

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    I so wish the idiots in the west would keep their money , it’s amazing how they take abuse from these people and still send them money???

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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    A professional Womens Soccer League would be a much more useful thing to our nation.

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    Almost There 8 years ago

    The filthy currency is the one you are using, unonyadzisa iwe unongobatiswa propaganda

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    Rented crowd u say!!!!!!!! Lol…,!’