Zanu PF acquires 320 cars in preps for 2018 poll

Source: Zanu PF acquires 320 cars in preps for 2018 poll – DailyNews Live 22 January 2017

Farayi Machamire

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF – whose hard-pressed
government is struggling to pay civil servants – has acquired 320
vehicles, as the party escalates preparations for the 2018 election

This comes as at least 45 samples of the vehicles were presented to Mugabe
at the party’s Harare headquarters last December.

Of the 45 Ford Ranger trucks, Mugabe handed over 13 to war veterans
through their minister, Tshinga Dube.

This brings the total number of vehicles procured so far to 365.

Zanu PF’s secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, yesterday
confirmed the acquisition of the 320 vehicles at the party’s first
national executive meeting of 2017.

He said now that the vehicles were there, Zanu PF youths – who received an
undisclosed number of vehicles from the fleet – must “begin working”.

” . . . as youth, your mandate is to campaign for the party, so we are
actually looking for delivery from you,” Chombo said.

“From us, we know you want resources, you want cars to use.  (Zanu PF
youth league secretary Kudzanai) Chipanga had complained over that
matter.  His concern was the same as those of many people in our system,
truly, there were not enough cars,” he said.

“We embarked on a programme to buy cars. Our youth league will get, so
will the women’s league and . . . our provinces,” he added.

Chombo said the procurement process should be complete by Monday.

” . . . it’s a process that is almost complete. We are just now left with
clearance at customs but by tomorrow or Monday, you should have your
resources,” he said.

He said the Zanu PF youth league should come up with a budget for the next
18 months leading to the elections.

“I am here to also understand the issues of concern for our youth. I also
want to know the budget the youth are proposing that will start from
February 1 to June, 2018.

“We don’t want a budget for 12 months but for 18 months because we have
elections in 2018,” Chombo said.


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    By the time the polls happen, nearly three quarters of these vehicles will be out of order, from mainly bad driving and then lack of servicing. What your league member knows about checking the engine once a month for water and oil? NONE, because they are stupid. The rest will probably have been sold of under dubious deals. I bet that not one $ of duty has been paid. 365 vehicles at an average price of $35k amounts to $12.77 MILION ! Where does that come from? No wonder no one is getting a bonus cheque.

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    Doris 5 years ago

    And furthermore not one of those vehicles was ordered through the agents here. Which means that no agents got the benefit of commission. Why?

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    Surely this a waste of time and money.Just open up poll centres