Zanu-PF congratulates First Lady

via Zanu-PF congratulates First Lady | The Herald July 23, 2015

THE ruling zanu-pf party has sent congratulations and best wishes to the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe who turns 50 today. The party’s spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo was effusive in his praise of the philanthropist, businesswoman and politician and said the ruling party felt inspired by her works.

“A birthday is a very special occasion to any person and today is the First Lady’s special day and all patriotic Zimbabweans join her in celebrating it,” said Cde Khaya-Moyo. “She has led by example particularly in the area of caring for the disadvantaged including orphans and those with disabilities. She has shown compassion to vulnerable people including the aged by distributing food and clothes across the country.

“As zanu-pf we feel inspired by her leadership of the Women’s League and the various projects she is spearheading. We wish her an exciting celebration and many more happy returns.”

Dr Mugabe was born in South Africa, where her father worked.

She married President Mugabe in 1996 and the couple has three children together. Last year, Dr Mugabe was chosen to lead zanu-pf Secretary for Women’s Affairs, the same year she earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree.


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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    I and most have and probably will never be fans of ZANUPF given the raucous parties and fanfare it gives itself , even when there are starving millions around. There is a saying that goes like this ” Waste not and want not”. In other words be happy with want you got. If you can’t afford it leave it alone. This parasitic regime thinks otherwise. Take all and give nothing. Thus our demise. This regime must vamoose into history or else we as a nation will.

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    Inspired by her leadership? You have got to be kidding

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    Murimi Wanhasi 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday Dr Amai Grace Mugabe.
    I wish you many, many more years to come.
    U see, its all about respect for your leaders.Even the bible says so.

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    Trebor Ebagum 7 years ago

    Foyle farm, Iron Mask farm, Sigaro farm, Gwina farm, the list goes on and on. What a waste.

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    Hey! murimi wanhasi. Dont’ forget that the Bible also condemns arrogant, ruthless evil and inhumane leaders like mugarbage cult. Read the old testament.