Zanu PF declares undying loyalty to Mugabe

The Zanu PF Bulawayo leadership has pledged undying loyalty to President Robert Mugabe and his deputies, saying its structures frown upon the factional fights gripping the ruling party.

Source: Zanu PF declares undying loyalty to Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 23, 2016


The ruling party’s city centre district chairperson, Antiphas Banda said the province had refused to be swayed into “factionalist politics” gripping Zanu PF over Mugabe’s succession.

“We, as city centre district, are saying no to factionalism. We are not a factional district. We are not affiliated to any so-called factions that purported to be in the party,” he told journalists on Monday at a Press conference to unveil a new district executive following elections held on Sunday.

Banda said Mugabe remained the only centre of power.

He said they stand guided by Mugabe and his deputies, Phelekezela Mphoko and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We have one centre of power with Mugabe and he has two VPs, Mnangagwa and Mphoko, that we also respect in equal measure,” he said.

“That is our leadership in the party and that is the leadership we follow. We are not into factions. We are a united district that shares one common goal through the party constitution.”

Mugabe on Saturday admitted factionalism was tearing Zanu PF apart, as warring groupings sought to position themselves to take over from him.

The 92-year-old leader, who was addressing war collaborators, ex-detainees and restrictees and widows of war veterans, said some Zanu PF officials wanted him dead, so they can take over the reins.

Meanwhile, Banda has urged companies and other organisations to be wary of “bogus” ruling party members, who were soliciting for donations in cash or kind for their own personal benefit.

He said the practice was soiling the party’s name, adding companies and businesspeople should not be cowed into donating money to criminal elements. Banda said Zanu PF frowns upon such criminal practices, giving an example of former Bulawayo youth chairperson, Khumbulani Mpofu, who was recently arrested for illegally soliciting for donations using the party’s name.

“There are some people who are going about using the party’s name, using their positions in Zanu PF to siphon money and other goodies from companies in the city centre,” he said.

“They are taking advantage of their leadership positions to use the party’s letterhead to solicit for funds for their own personal benefit.

“It has been going on for a long time. The party would, on several occasions, be in the dark about such criminal practices and that is why as city centre district we are sending a message to the business community to say never be forced or cheated into making suspect donations to some people claiming to be sent by Zanu PF without cross-checking with us.”


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    mandevu 5 years ago

    undying loyalty – thats the problem, Cannot see the wood for the trees. We are doomed if we dont get rid of these parasites