Zanu PF factionalism escalates in Byo

Zanu PF factionalism escalates in Byo – Southern Eye April 15, 2016

FACTIONAL fights within Zanu PF’s Bulawayo province have heightened with some party members from Makoboba constituency walking out of a stormy meeting on Sunday, Southern Eye has learnt.

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The Davis Hall meeting was called by the constituency to iron out issues that were driving out members from the ruling party.

That was after a string of letters was written by Ziyaphapha district chairman, one C Nyama,exposing factionalism.
Nyama, in his letters, claimed that some members of his executive were holding parallel meetings behind his back.
Party insiders said the situation nearly degenerated into a fistfight during the meeting which was chaired by central committee member Judith Ncube.

“The meeting was tense and members almost manhandled each other,” said a party member who declined to be named.

“Factionalism was on top of the agenda. However, the letter pinpointing alleged perpetrators was not read out. Worse still, the suspects were not given a chance to defend themselves. That led to a group accused of fanning factionalism walking out of the meeting. It just ended without resolutions taken.”

The sources added that Zanu PF members almost came to blows after the meeting.

One of Nyama’s protest letters dated December 18, 2015, read: “The above matter is counter-productive. The following are my observations: That (names and positions supplied) are conducting parallel meetings and are setting a district parallel structure under the guise of projects for the district. This has torn the party apart as people are confused on what is happening.”

He added: “My main worry as the chairman of the district, (is that) they go behind my back. Upon securing posts in the district, they immediately started to form those parallel structures which are called using the party name without my blessings as the district chairperson.”

Nyama said partisan doling out of projects risked driving away members, whose numbers were dwindling.

“The fear is since they are using projects to lure unsuspecting people, only their colleagues will benefit from the project funds, those who are not on parallel structures will be left out,” Nyama said.

“The number of people has since dwindled. When you mention the issue of projects, perhaps people have discovered that they were being taken for a ride. Who knows?”

Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial chairman Dennis Ndlovu could not be reached for comment since Monday.