Zanu PF govt must look into demos root causes

THE authorities clamped down on the organisers of the anti-bond notes demonstration planned for yesterday in a move that confirmed the global perception that Zimbabwe is a pariah state, a sad development for the people.

Source: Zanu PF govt must look into demos root causes – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 19, 2016

Comment: NewsDay Editor

This also confirmed that the country, under President Robert Mugabe, is not yet ready to join the international community of nations, itself an unfortunate position.

Missing human rights activist Itai Dzamara’s younger brother, Patson, was brutally assaulted by suspected State security agents, while his vehicle and another were burnt to shells between Thursday night and the early hours of yesterday while organising the anti-bond notes demonstration.

Disturbing is the fact that we have, of late, seen a tendency by Mugabe’s government to force its own way on the people in violation of internationally-recognised tenets of democracy.

In all modern civilisations, citizens have a right to embark on peaceful demonstrations to register their concerns or displeasure over the way they are governed.

Is it not surprising when the government unleashes armed soldiers and other arms of the security sector on civilians under the guise of flushing out malcontents?

Clearly, when that happens, it becomes quite evident that this is not a government for the people or by the people, but a rogue regime, particularly in view of the wildly-held perception that Zanu PF has, over the years, forced itself on the majority through subtly rigging the elections.

The fact that as the police maintained their heavy presence in all major centres across the country to crush the demonstrations, soldiers ran amok beating up everyone on sight and smashing windscreens while cars were burnt in the process.

We have no doubt that this was an attempt to instil fear in citizens so that they don’t go into the streets to protest against Mugabe’s failed leadership, which has impoverished ordinary people, while the ruling elite have helped themselves to national resources.

There is no doubt that brutalising people with genuine concerns shared by the majority is not the solution to the manifold crises facing the nation.

Unleashing soldiers to brutalise innocent civilians is not going to bring jobs and neither will it restore the country’s health sector or revitalise the collapsing industry.

What the Zanu PF government should simply do is to deal with the root causes of the demonstrations.

Zanu PF is aware that Mugabe’s continued stay at the helm of the country has brought misery on the ordinary people, but none among them has the spine to challenge the status quo.

What is even sad is the fact that Zimbabwe’s opposition is in disarray, and the majority cannot rely on them, hence the popcorn demonstrations spearheaded by individuals.

Perhaps, there is a need for a new revolution by courageous individuals to mobilise Zimbabweans towards a developmental agenda instead of Mugabe and Zanu PF’s caustic agenda.


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    Kabunga 5 years ago

    They too busy fighting with one another to care about the causes!! It suits them to have chaos in the country. Keeps the citizens too busy trying to survive!

    We are definitely a pariah state and it is so very desperately sad especially as the people of Zimbabwe are such good nice people. I’m taking about the general population.

    Not the people in the police, army or tax office or any other Zimbabwe government organisation!

    It gives me comfort to know that hell will be crowded when the devil take their souls …