Zanu PF looting parastatals to buy cars: MDC

Source: Zanu PF looting parastatals to buy cars: MDC – DailyNews Live 22 January 2017


HARARE – Morgan Tsvangirai’s opposition MDC has accused President Robert
Mugabe’s Zanu PF of milking dry Zimbabwe’s parastatals to fund ruling
party operations.

This comes as Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF on Friday took delivery of 320
vehicles, as the party escalates preparations for 2018 election campaign.

At least 45 samples of the vehicles were presented to Mugabe at the
party’s Harare headquarters last December.

Of the 45 Ford Ranger trucks, Mugabe handed over 13 to war veterans
through their minister, Tshinga Dube.

This brings the total number of vehicles procured so far to 365.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said reports that Zanu PF has acquired 365
brand new Ford Ranger SUV motor vehicles and buses vindicate what the
party has always been saying that the Zanu PF regime was illegally and
fraudulently raiding financial and material resources from various State
corporations such as Zesa Holdings, Zinara, Zupco and Nssa in order to
fund the operations of the ruling party.

This comes as parastatals are grappling with high overheads,
inter-parastatal debts, maladministration, under-capitalisation,
corruption and lack of good corporate governance which have negatively
impacted on their operations.

“At a time when the government is struggling to timeously pay civil
servants their salaries and bonuses, we are witnessing a situation whereby
the insipidly corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF political party has embarked
on a massive motor vehicle buying spree.

“We have got it on very good and credible authority that Zanu PF has used
no less than $20 million to acquire a brand new fleet of SUV motor
vehicles,” Gutu said yesterday.

Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo confirmed on Friday
that his party has acquired 365 brand new Ford Ranger SUV motor vehicles
although he did not publicly disclose the source of the money that was
used to buy such a huge fleet of very expensive, all-terrain motor

“As the make-or-break 2018 harmonised elections are fast approaching, we
can expect the crumbling and deeply-divided Zanu PF regime to continue to
ransack and defraud financial and material resources from the 77 or so
State-owned corporations all of which are now technically insolvent,” Gutu

“That Zanu PF politicians are thieves and looters is no longer subject to
debate. Jonathan Moyo, the Zanu PF secretary for science and technology,
also recently publicly admitted that he looted thousands of dollars from
Zimdef in order to buy bicycles and other goodies for traditional leaders
in Tsholotsho North constituency!

“Such is the brazen stealing and ransacking of State resources by senior
Zanu PF politicians that it is actually fashionable and trendy to loot and
pilfer State-owned funds and other material resources.

“Right now, top Zanu PF politicians and Cabinet ministers are competing to
steal and loot the little that is left of State assets in Zimbabwe.”

Gutu said the MDC as the government- in-waiting, “when we take over State
power in 2018, shall immediately institute a thorough and holistic audit
of all State resources to ensure that all those persons who have ransacked
and stolen from the State and its various institutions shall be held to

“In fact, the new government will effectively trace and recover all looted
assets; including the billions of dollars in public funds that have been
fraudulently externalised to foreign countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong,
China and Singapore,” Gutu said.

This comes as typhoid has broken out in the capital, Harare, due to people
consuming contaminated water and food.

An estimated 150 people have been infected with the contagious disease,
which causes diarrhoea and can be fatal, the Harare City Council has said,
confirming two deaths so far from typhoid.

Gutu said: “Hundreds of people have fallen victim to water-borne diseases
such as typhoid and dysentery whilst Mugabe and his huge entourage of
hangers-on are still on an extended annual holiday in the Middle and the
Far East; busy squandering millions of United States dollars that have
been taken away from the bankrupt national treasury.

“The road and railway infrastructure has literally fallen apart but our
absentee nonagenarian president is not bothered one iota. This is most
saddening and tragic.”