Zanu PF Masvingo roasted over ‘Mugabe succession’ song

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe censured Zanu PF’s Masvingo province at the close of the party’s conference last week after the province sang an introductory song laden with implicit messages of the veteran ruler’s unresolved succession matrix.

Source: Zanu PF Masvingo roasted over ‘Mugabe succession’ song – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 20, 2016


Before Mugabe officially opened the conference on Friday, party secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, invited all provinces to introduce themselves in song.

Masvingo’s song, with an implicit message, jolted Chombo and Mugabe. Some of the lyrics in the province’s song were that “there is trouble at the end”, before the province’s godfather, Psychomotor minister Josaya Hungwe and Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa joined them on the dance floor.

The message in the song seemed to have unsettled Chombo, who immediately said: “We are still in Masvingo for three days, we will hear what issue they have.”

At the close of the conference on Saturday, Mugabe admitted that Zanu PF delegates came to the conference deeply divided and with different agendas.

“We hope that during the conference, discussions offered solutions to the implicit problems contained in your introductory song. I hope that we have given a response here to your song Masvingo,” he said in jest.

In response the delegates, largely from Masvingo, interjected, saying “no!” to Mugabe.

Other provinces, however, exalted the Zanu PF leader. Harare province, sang a song implying Mugabe was the party’s sole centre of power, which prompted First Lady Grace Mugabe to rush to the dance floor, as she sang along.

Mashonaland East province followed with their song, saying they will always comply, while Matabeleland South and Bulawayo province praised Mugabe with their songs.

Mashonaland Central also threw its weight behind Mugabe, singing, “we will never desert Mugabe”, while Manicaland also did the same, singing, they felt secure under Mugabe’s guidance.

Mugabe’s home province, Mashonaland West, was next with another praise song, exalting the Zanu PF leader for winning the sole ticket to continue leading the party.

When it was Midlands province’s turn, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters predictably sang a song which implied that the VP, nicknamed “Ngwena” (crocodile) had no ambitions to topple Mugabe, saying “Mugabe walks on water without drowning.”


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    Does anyone know what a “psychomotor minister” does? In Zimbabwe?