Zanu PF messed up people’s lives in 2016: PDP

THE Tendai Biti-led opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the ruling Zanu PF government of messing up people’s lives and washing away their hopes in 2016 through its failed economic policies.

Source: Zanu PF messed up people’s lives in 2016: PDP – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 28, 2016


Bulawayo spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu said while PDP wished every citizen a wonderful festive season it was sad that all hopes for good celebrations were dashed away by Zanu PF government’s failure to run the country according to expectations.

“It is unfortunate that Zanu PF government messed up with people of Zimbabwe by taking away their happiness during this festive season. There is no way people can happily spend the festive season when they are not paid,” Ndlovu said.

“Those who are paid also are failing to access their salaries even after the introduction of the bond nonsense.
Also most shops are not accepting debt cards claiming that they are offline further dampening the spirit of the people. The government has failed and must step down as a matter of urgency. They have played with the people’s lives for long.”

Ndlovu said PDP was calling for the urgent implementation of the National Transitional Authority to level the playing field ahead of coming elections.

“As a party we promise the people of Zimbabwe that as the election season approach, we will continue leading in calling for the coalition amongst Zimbabwe opposition parties for the sake of suffering people of Zimbabwe. As opposition political parties we have only one option come 2018, that is to present to our people one presidential candidate, one parliamentary candidate and one council candidate as well,” he said.

“We urge all opposition parties to put aside their individual political ambitions and put Zimbabwean people first. Although faced with these man-made challenges, we wish them a happy and prosperous 2017. Together we can do more.”