Zanu PF plans ‘best’ Bob birthday party

via Zanu PF plans ‘best’ Bob birthday party – NewZimbabwe 13/01/2016

SUPPORTERS of President Robert Mugabe are planning the “best” ever birthday party for him next month, when he will turn 92, state media reported Wednesday.

Preparations for the party, to be held in Masvingo, appear to be in full swing, despite rumours that the longtime Zimbabwe leader had a heart attack earlier this week while on holiday.

The official The Herald newspaper said a deadline had been set for “mobilising resources” for the event, traditionally one of the biggest on Zimbabwe’s yearly calendar.

A fundraising target hasn’t yet been set. But last year’s birthday party was held in the plush Victoria Falls and cost an estimated $1-million.

Masvingo and surrounding areas have been badly hit by drought. Reports on Tuesday said Masvingo province had suffered the country’s worst cattle losses, with about 5 000 prized cows dead.

Traditionally officials – and others  donate cattle to feed party-goers.

Some locals are critical of the ruling party’s desire to hold a birthday party this year given the circumstances.

Funds for relief efforts rather?

“With the dire situation on the back of this drought, surely any sensible leader would channel these funds towards relief efforts,” tweeted @MunesuShoko.

Another Zimbabwean tweeted that civil servants had still not been paid their bonuses.

But organiser, Ezra Chadzamira, was quoted as saying that Zanu-PF members from Masvingo wanted to host the party “in style”.

Chadzamira said, “We want to make the event the best of them all”.

Many Zimbabweans have been unimpressed with feverish speculation  almost all of it outside the country  that the longtime leader had collapsed while on holiday in the Far East

Former information minister, Jonathan Moyo, who is now the minister of higher education, said on Twitter late on Tuesday that January traditionally saw “lies” told about Mugabe.

Mugabe said last year that it was “the Lord” who had let him live so long.


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    Zvakwana 5 years ago

    Jonathan Moyo your time is coming sooner than you think!!

  • comment-avatar
    Yayano 5 years ago

    In spite of all the hunger besieging the people of Masvingo they want to host a massive party for a geriatric who has just blown thousands of dollars in a presidential suite overseas not attending to local problems.
    Its time these Zanu people get real.

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    ….”Its time these Zanu people get real”

    There is not a chance in hell of that happening.
    ZANU has got these idiots so brain washed they would rather die than see positive change in our country.

    They will host this obscene bash for bobo and go back to their homes and dying livestock still singing ZANU songs.