Zanu PF provincial commissar wants Indians expelled

Source: Zanu PF provincial commissar wants Indians expelled – DailyNews Live

Farayi Machamire      20 February 2017

HARARE – Zimbabweans were yesterday shocked by new threats from Zanu PF
Harare provincial political commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe to expel all
Indian nationals from Zimbabwe.

The threats were accompanied by the kind of worrying rhetoric which
threatens to place the ruling party in the same league as Ugandan dictator
Idi Amin who hounded out the Asian population in the 70s through similar
racial and economic unrest.

The Zanu PF Harare South MP said on Facebook:  “Something must be done
with this Indian community in Zimbabwe.

“Firstly, they don’t bank their money, secondly, they don’t develop their
estates, and thirdly they don’t want to marry our sisters, fourthly,
before independence they used to be given special treatment as compared to

The Indian embassy was not immediately available for comment over the
weekend, but the small community has by and large maintained cordial
relations with locals.

By setting its sights on expelling the Indians, Zanu PF appears to be
following the well-trodden – but largely discredited – path of
Africanisers such as Amin and Mobuto Sese Seko of Zaire.

Amin’s deportation of about 50 000 UK passport-holding South Asians in
1972 failed to bring promised prosperity, and saw the collapse of the
commercial sector.

Meanwhile, the economic outcome of Mobutism was the wholesale plunder of
Congo’s resources by the ruling elite.

This comes as President Robert Mugabe has increasingly leaned on India and
China after being shunned by Western trade and financial partners.

They have been put off by concern over human rights and alleged fraud in
elections won by the president and his Zanu PF party.

Speaking at the 11th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium on Friday,
Mugabe said more than 23 percent of Zimbabweans were now earning a living
through the SME sector and must follow India’s example.

“With success stories having already been recorded around the globe, in
China and India for example, there is no need to reinvent the wheel on
SMEs development.

“This is especially so given the sound relationship between Zimbabwe and
India, especially in the SMEs sector, ICTs, energy, education and the
pharmaceutical sectors,” Mugabe said.


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    Morty Smith 5 years ago

    Shadreck Mashayamombe is the type of man who might marry his own sister

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    zaranoor 5 years ago

    The ideal person is he who takes pleasure in serving others and showing compassionate is a sign of superiority. Good manners leads to prosperity while bad ones lead to misery. Evil consequences develops a barrier between God and his slave. Without a diploma, you can shine and contribute greatly to mankind. Gather the honey but don’t break the hive. We pray for you “raise your and in supplication you will find true happiness and success”. Let your tongue remain moist with the remembrance of God, know that your lifespan is a season of good deeds. “When facing critism or unjust rebuke, those who have sensitive feelings must pour a certain amount of coolness into their nerves by force”.