Zanu PF terror group attacks Renewal Democrats youths

via Zanu PF terror group attacks Renewal Democrats youths – Newsday August 26, 2015 by Obey Manayiti/Moses Matenga

YOUTH members of the newly-formed Elton Mangoma-led Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) have claimed they were attacked by a Zanu PF terror group in Mbare.

RDZ youth leader, Fortune Munyonga claimed the attack took place on Sunday with one of the youth member’s family businesses also stoned.

“We were about 11 members of our youth assembly meeting to celebrate after our party youth congress held recently,” said Munyonga.

“As we were having fun, I was called by a passerby who told me that one of our members Pfumai Mbeva was being mobbed by Zanu PF youths wearing their party regalia.”

He added: “We rushed to the scene to enquire, but we were told we were not free to hold any RDZ business in Mbare because it was their stronghold. The youths were armed with wooden planks and sjamboks, but when we refused to listen to them they then threw stones at our family business. They threatened to come back in their numbers to deal with us, and we decided to leave.”

Munyonga said they reported the matter to police.

RDZ spokesperson, Pishai Muchauraya said he was disturbed by such cases of violence.

“We urge the police to immediately take action against these Zanu PF militias, as they might spread throughout the country as we approach the 2018 elections,” he said.

“Zimbabwe must be a free and safe country for its citizens and no places should be declared ‘no go area zones’ for anybody by anybody.”

Police spokesperson, senior assistant commissioner Charity Charamba could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Recently Zanu PF was accused of running new terror groups in Mbare where ruling party youths were demanding payment of $1 or $2 daily as protection fees from commuter omnibuses, vendors and farmers.

The most affected areas include Mupedzanhamo, Siyaso Complex and Helping Hand, among others. A few years ago, another Zanu PF terror group, Chipangano wreaked havoc in Mbare areas.

Meanwhile, President Robert Mugabe has been accused of reducing the country into rural village with no running water and electricity.

Speaking to journalists at the national press club in Harare recently, MDC Renewal spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said at 91, Mugabe was now tired and had nothing new to offer and predicted chaos by December if the current economic free-fall continued.

“Zanu PF is bent on creating a rural area of Zimbabwe and they have succeeded. People get water from wells, no electricity and Zimbabwe has become one huge rural area. People dance and party if electricity is back and if water comes from their taps as if it’s a miracle yet those are basics,” he said.

Mafume said there was need for a transitional authority to take over the running of the country from Zanu PF.

“Our city looks like war-torn city. If someone says it’s like Mogadishu, no one can dispute. Children dance when electricity comes; there is a roar when water runs. We need an economic programme and we have one that we will share,” he said.

Mafume said Renewal members had proposed to change the party’s name to Progressive Democratic Party while retaining the orange colours.

The party secretary for international relations Willias Madzimure accused Zanu PF of mortgaging the country to the Chinese by engaging in so called “mega deals” with the Asian nation.