Zanu PF worsened my disability, Mangoma

via Zanu PF worsened my disability, Mangoma – NewZimbabwe 02/07/2015

RENEWAL Democrats of Zimbabwe leader, Elton Mangoma, has ruled out any coalition with Joice Mujuru’s People First project, accusing the former vice president of presiding over a system which he said worsened his disability.

Mangoma got polio at a tender age resulting in him being permanently disabled but on Wednesday he claimed his disability worsened in March 2007 when he was assaulted by police following his arrest in Highfields.

“When I was arrested, I was thoroughly beaten up and my knee cap shattered which forced me to undergo a reconstructive surgery.

“If anyone increased my disability it is Zanu PF. You can also understand who the vice president was when I was beaten. How do we work together under such circumstances?” said Mangoma in reference to Mujuru.

Mangoma, who was addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club, said his party has decided to abandon the MDC brand and adopt a new logo and name.

“We have chosen a flying bird as our new logo. The logo simplifies freedom.

“The people from provinces who have been disgruntled with the goings on in the Renewal Team decided on this new logo and name at the party’s launch in June,” said Mangoma.

The former energy minister said his party decided to disown the MDC brand because “it has lost value”.

“There are some people who think the MDC brand still has value.

“Our view is that it no longer has value. If anything, it has got negative value and that is the reason why we are making a clean break away from it,” he said.