Zanu PF youth illegally sell council land

Zanu PF youth illegally sell council land

Source: Zanu PF youth illegally sell council land – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 17, 2017

GWERU-BASED Zanu PF youths, who run a private property development company, Just Home Properties, are allegedly illegally selling residential stands in the newly-established Mkoba 21 suburb without the consent of the local authority, NewsDay has learnt.

By Stephen Chadenga

Mayor Charles Chikozho said 550 stands had initially been applied for by the Youth ministry, but the ruling party youth sold over 400 stands through their property firm before any payment was made to the city council.

“We have since gathered that Just Home Properties is selling stands in Mkoba 21 without the authority of council,” he said.

“The stands were initially applied for by the ministry of Youth and we had given them conditions that they had to first pay $168 000 before they could be shown the stands. That amount was not paid, but we have since gathered that the company (Just Home Seekers) is already selling the stands.”

Chikozho said council was investigating the matter and urged people not to buy stands from the company.

Although company officials could not be reached for comment, NewsDay saw posters advertising the stands pasted on walls at the firm’s offices.

According to the posters, the company is selling 300 square metre stands in Mkoba 21 with potential home owners advised that they had to make an initial deposit of $500 and monthly instalments of $100.