Zanu PF youths dare Mugabe

via Zanu PF youths dare Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 29, 2016

TWO of the three suspended Zanu PF youth leaders Godfrey Tsenengamu (Mashonaland Central) and Vengai Musengi (Mashonaland West) have dared President Robert Mugabe to rein in his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe, before turning his anger on party youths.


Tsenengamu and Musengi were suspended alongside Godwin Gomwe (Harare) on allegations of publicly denigrating Grace and other top leaders.

The three, members of the Save Zanu PF Campaign, made the call yesterday as they prepared to appear before a Zanu PF national disciplinary sub-committee chaired by State Security minister Kembo Mohadi today to answer charges of insulting Grace, among others.

The disciplinary hearings will be conducted at Mohadi’s Mukwati Building offices in Harare.

Addressing delegates at his 92nd birthday celebrations in Masvingo on Saturday, Mugabe said the governing party would not tolerate “misguided and unruly youths” who publicly denigrated party leaders, including his wife.

He said the culture was alien and those involved should be dealt with accordingly.

But Tsenengamu and Musengi accused the party leadership of being selective in its application of the law, saying Hurungwe East and Women’s League finance secretary Sarah Mahoka should also be disciplined for publicly dressing down Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“In this case, the application of the party constitution is not even. This is unfair. We respect the President’s wife as youths, but respect is reciprocal. It is not one way and when she is not respecting her seniors, then what do we learn?” Tsenengamu asked.

“Unless the President reins in his wife to stop verbally insulting seniors in the party, juniors will follow suit.”

He added: “The leadership is being selective on how it is treating membership. It’s more of a spider web catching the small insects while leaving bigger ones. I want to make it clear that no form of suppression will silence us. It’s not true that we are fighting for VP Mnangagwa. We are fighting for our future. When these leaders were youngsters themselves, they were fighting for their future like what we are doing ourselves.”

Musengi concurred with Tsenengamu, saying the party should apply its laws equally to instil discipline across the board and remove the culture of fear in Zanu PF.
Gomwe could not be reached for comment.


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    “We are fighting for our future. …, they were fighting for their future like what we are doing ourselves.”

    Which future is this idiot referring to? ZANU PF has destroyed the country; & future generations are going to pay dearly for zanu pf destruction & thievery. These zanu pf people are only fighting for opportunities to steal and loot the meager disposable national resources currently available. They are just greed hungry baboons fighting for opportunities to ripe where they did not sow. Nxaaaa!