Zanu PF youths threaten fresh farm invasions

ZANU PF youths have threatened a fresh wave of land invasions targeted at all the remaining white-owned farms by 2018.

Source: Zanu PF youths threaten fresh farm invasions – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 20, 2016

by Jairos Saunyama

The threat was made by Zanu PF youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga while addressing a youth meeting in Marondera on Saturday.

“What do you do when a boyfriend is beating and falsely accusing his girlfriend of dating another man? You will finally fall in love with the man. The Western countries imposed sanctions on us because of the land issue. So today we are saying we need to take over the remaining white-owned farms. By 2018, we should have taken them over. It is our land and it is possible,” he said.

Chipanga also assured ruling party youths that they would all get urban residential stands they were promised by President Robert Mugabe.

Speaking at the same event, Mashonaland East provincial youth chairperson Kelvin Mutsvairo said Zanu PF youths in Seke would get their stands tomorrow.

“Your stands are there. Some youths in Seke will have residential stands by Wednesday under Urban Development Corporation. The land is there and planning has already been done. We will make sure that youths in other districts will get the residential stands as promised by the President,” Mutsvairo said.

He urged party members to take over commuter omnibus ranks and become rank marshals.

“We are saying the likes of Tajamuka activists are coming from the ranks. The ranks are filled with the wrong people. It is high time our youths became rank marshals. In this province, we are not going to allow demonstrations. We will thwart all protests,” he said.

Zanu PF national youth political commissar Innocent Hamandishe recently approached Mugabe requesting that party youths be allowed to take over management of bus ranks in all urban centres in order to neutralise the influence of opposition parties on urban voters.

This came amid fears the ruling party youths wanted to use the ranks as campaign bases.


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    R Judd 6 years ago

    Rabid dogs are running wild in this place. Never mind I am sure this creature is not making a lot of friends. His fall from grace is already ordained but he is too dumb to know it. He will be discarded like u used condom.

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 6 years ago

    The land is OURS!

  • comment-avatar

    this people is living in another century. These youth are just ignorant not able to think with their brains- To Chimusoro ( the land is ours): who is ours?. Stop populism . you are not us. The mass of violent is only able to hide themselves behind a curtain of anonymous cowards backed by greedy politicians who doesn’t care about you.You are just a tools for fat people-

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    More land taken = more poverty. If the land is productive leave it alone!

  • comment-avatar
    doggie 6 years ago

    You ZANU youth are so stupid you march in the hot sun for someone who gives you nothing. He is buying property like crazy in the far east, you are the ZANU dogs bark around the yard you don’t even get a bone. Shame have some pride.

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    Go for it – the more hunger and poverty the better – less mouths to feed. When all has been plundered if not most already and tthe hens have gone that laid the eggs – what next find a dog to eat just like your friends from the east!
    Stay hungry, sick in the head and perish.

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    the future 6 years ago

    For how long will you leave on a promise. You get land and then what. you have no money to build on it. youth should know what these farms are for what they mean not just place to farm for personal consumption. Youth should reason that vote they are giving up so easily is worth much more. We need a government were buy you dont have to wait until the next election to hear a chance of you owning a house. We need a government were as youths you are able to work and be paid the worth of your work and pursue their dreams. Built a house with your hard earned money. Not waiting to be given. This regime has stolen our core values as Zimbabweans. Our morals. We have been manipulated to think theres nothing other than what the government has to offer. But there is more much more.