Zanu PF youths up for fraud

via Zanu PF youths up for fraud – Southern Eye. February 26, 2016

FOUR Zanu PF youths are in trouble after they grabbed a Kwekwe City Council-owned shopping complex in Mbizo and started illegally collecting rentals from tenants.


Zanu PF’s Black Wadada Co-operative chairman Tapiwa Dzawo (33), secretary Tsitsi Mundawaro (29), and committee members Kabeza Tambwari (30) and Edmore Jumo (31) have been arraigned before resident Magistrate Taurai Manwere facing three counts of fraud.

The State alleges that the three, using their political muscle, took over Black Wadada Shopping Complex last October, telling tenants that council had ceded control of the shops to them.

Dzawo is alleged to have told Saul Govere, Esther Mangena and Farai Mukuku, to pay rentals directly to the cooperative instead of council if they wanted to retain the shops they were leasing from council.

“During a meeting chaired by Dzawo, he addressed all the tenants at the Black Wadada Shopping Complex in Mbizo 9 and told them that the complex was now under his control. He refused to produce the letter which showed that council had leased his co-operative the complex,” the state outline reads.

The three tenants paid a total of $420 to Zanu PF Black Wadada Co-operative and were issued with receipts which will be produced in court as evidence.

However, they were shocked when in December they received statements of arrears from council yet they had paid rentals and rates to Dzawo and his co-accused persons.

Govere went to council to enquire and was told that council had not transferred any lease to the Zanu PF cooperative leading him to report the matter early this year.

The trio who have pleaded guilty were remanded out of custody and will be back in court on March 7 for trial.


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    Mbuya Emily 6 years ago

    This is just one of many cases of Zanu stealing from gvnt or local authorities.