Zanu-PF youths warn malcontents • . . . hail empowerment polices • President avails 1 000ha for stands

Source: Zanu-PF youths warn malcontents • . . . hail empowerment polices • President avails 1 000ha for stands | The Herald July 21, 2016

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In a massive show of support for the ruling party, thousands of Zanu-PF youths yesterday brought Harare traffic to a standstill as they marched along Jason Moyo Avenue before converging at the party’s headquarters in support of Government’s empowerment policies.

The youths warned they would not sit idly by while malcontents threatened to destabilise the country.

Addressing the youths at an extraordinary Harare youth league inter-district conference at the party’s headquarters, Zanu-PF Youth League deputy secretary Cde Kudzanai Chipanga said Government had availed 1 000 hectares of land for residential stands in Harare following their appeal to President Mugabe.

He said the President received a number of requests from the youths during the recent One-Million Man March and these were at various stages of implementation.

“Youths highlighted a number of problems when we toured their various provinces,” said Cde Chipanga.

“I am happy to inform you that the requests were well-received by the President. One of the things that you raised was that senior members in the party benefitted from the land reform programme free of charge and as youths you also want to benefit through the provision of residential stands in towns. Our President accepted this and I am happy to inform you that he has given you 1 000 hectares of land in Harare for residential stands,” said Cde Chipanga.

“We want to make sure that when we go to vote for President Mugabe in 2018, all youths will be landlords. Zanu-PF is the ruling party and it cannot be a ruling party of tenants and lodgers.”

Cde Chipanga said the stands would be distributed in a transparent manner.

The youths were informed that Government had availed 1 000 hectares of land for residential stands in Harare as part of the 300 000 housing units outlined in Zim-Asset.

The land is in Shawasha B, Norton and Harare South and will be developed by the Urban Development Corporation.

The provision of residential stands to youths in Harare comes barely two weeks after more than 7 000 youths in Bulawayo benefited under a similar scheme.

More land will be made available in other urban areas.

A letter from the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing signed by Ms Grace Moyo on behalf of the permanent secretary Engineer George Mlilo confirming the availability of the stands was read out to the youths.

Cde Chipanga said the beneficiaries would be asked to complete registration forms in the coming weeks, adding that the process would be transparent. On the request by youths to do mining without disturbances from the police, Cde Chipanga said that was work in progress.

“No youths should be denied to mine in Zimbabwe but you should make sure that your operations conform to the laws of the country,” he said.

“Modalities are being worked out with the responsible minister to ensure that youths get mining licences.”

He said other development projects were in the pipeline in the agriculture and transport sectors.

In the agricultural sector, he said youths had asked for an input credit scheme starting this year while others wanted to benefit through employment in the dualisation of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway.

Cde Chipanga said youths from Mashonaland East and Mashonaland West provinces were set to benefit from the land availed in Harare.

He said it was disturbing that while President Mugabe and his Government were making frantic efforts to empower people some rogue elements in the opposition ranks were seeking to destabilise the country.

“The duty of a pastor is to pray for peace and stability in the country,” he said in reference to Evan Mawarire who has been leading demonstrations calling in President to step down before his term is over.

“Those who are masquerading as pastors saying tajamuka should stop that. Isu takajamuka 1980 patakatora nyika, tikajamuka futi 2000 tichitora minda and now tajamuka futi tichipa vanhu pekugara.”

Cde Chipanga said Zanu PF youth would not hesitate to counter demonstrations that are meant to destabilise or bring down a constitutionally-elected Government.

Business came to a standstill in Harare as the youths who attended yesterday’s meeting marched from Fourth Street to the party headquarters mid-morning.

The whole Zanu-PF complex was filled to capacity while others followed proceedings from outside the perimeter wall.

The meeting was attended by several Zanu-PF legislators, Women’s League and party leadership from Harare province.


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    chimusoro 6 years ago

    Shuwa shuwa! I will be a landlord soon.

  • comment-avatar
    Ndebele 6 years ago

    These Zanupf youth are being used by Mugabe but zvichapera chete and the end is getting nearer.

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    jongwe power 6 years ago

    When will Zimbos get it through their thick skulls that Zanu will still be there even after Bob? Another will take his place and it will be business as usual. Zimbos had their chance to do something about it 2 weeks ago, and in 2008, and in the years before, but they have proved that they actually WANT their country to sink to the same level as Haiti. All whilst saying, “Zvichapera/Things will get better.”