Zapu, Mujuru feud over Gukurahundi

DUMISO Dabengwa’s Zapu has implored ZimPF leader, Joice Mujuru to join forces in advocating for the operationalisation of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) in order to deal with the Gukurahundi issue.

Source: Zapu, Mujuru feud over Gukurahundi – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 10, 2016


The party said her alleged secret programme of dealing with the emotive issue was suspect.

Mujuru told South Africa television station eNCA on Wednesday that she had visited Gukurahundi victims at squatter camps in Bulawayo, as part of her programme aimed at addressing the issue.

The former Vice-President also claimed to have consulted traditional leaders in the affected areas about the 1980s mass killings that President Robert Mugabe described as “a moment of madness”.

Zapu deputy national spokesperson, Iphuthile Maphosa said Mujuru’s claims raised more questions than answers, saying this will not resolve the issue or absolve the perpetrators.

“For Mujuru, a member of the government then and whose husband was commanding the army, to make such claims raises more questions than answers, especially, on her moral worthiness,” he said.

“Mujuru must believe we are naïve to believe she knew nothing about the Gukurahundi genocide now that she openly absolves the perpetrating government and wholesomely taking responsibility for the killings.”

Maphosa said Mujuru, if genuine, must advocate for the operationalisation of the NPRC to deal with the issue and hold perpetrators accountable.

“We advise the ZimPF leader to instead follow the Constitution and advocate, with us, for the expeditious operationalisation of the NPRC, which will conduct public hearings on Gukurahundi in which victims and perpetrators will come forward and make their depositions,” he said.

“This will pave way for public admission of responsibility by the perpetrators, while victims can begin to be healed in all forms. No secret redress programmes will solve this or absolve those who are guilty either by commission or omission.”

Mujuru first touched off a storm when she revealed plans to visit mass graves of Gukurahundi victims, in particular the Bhalagwe detention centre in Kezi, with some Matabeleland-based groupings, accusing her of toying with the issue for political gains.

ZimPF, however, said groupings and political parties questioning Mujuru’s initiative were misdirecting their anger over the mass killings, adding they should instead confront Mugabe and others fingered in the atrocities.


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    Reverend 5 years ago

    I cannot understand how anyone can let this genocidal murderer Mujuru slime into the Gukurahundi issue!???

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    K Dahmer 5 years ago

    This woman has the blood of so many innocents on her hands. She should never be allowed near any power EVER!