Zapu youths to protest for devolution implementation

ZAPU youths have threatened to roll-out protests to pile pressure on President Robert Mugabe’s government to implement devolution of power as enshrined in the Constitution.

Source: Zapu youths to protest for devolution implementation – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 6, 2016


Zapu national youth organiser Ndodana Moyo yesterday said they had submitted a petition with a seven-day ultimatum to Bulawayo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Eunice Sandi-Moyo on Thursday demanding implementation of devolution.

In the petition, the Zapu youths said government should spell out when it intended to implement devolution, failure of which they would resort to street demonstrations, further piling pressure on government that faces countless protests over the socio-economic situation.

“Government, through the Leader of Business in the National Assembly, who is also Minister responsible for Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Honourable Emmerson Mnangagwa (must) give a comprehensive programme of action as to the implementation of devolution through aligning the laws of the country to the new constitution and through an Act of Parliament in seven days from this date.

“If the above are not met in the specified time frame, Zapu youth front will implement devolution of power in full in the best way it feels it should be,” the petition reads in part.

The Constitution provides for devolution of power. Under Section 264 (2) of the Constitution, provincial authorities are supposed to be given more powers by central government to run their affairs and other responsibilities.

Mnangagwa once told Parliament that government had no money to implement devolution, an argument that Zapu youths said does not hold.

“Any attempts to silence the youths on these demands will be viciously resisted and the government and Zanu PF will be responsible for any eventuality that may follow,” the petition added.

Moyo called on Zimbabweans to “rally behind Zapu youths as they demand devolution of power as provided for in the new Constitution”.

The failure to devolve powers has seen radical groups such as the Mthwakazi Liberation Front going a gear up by demanding secession.