ZETDC sues Zimpapers over $141 000 bill

via ZETDC sues Zimpapers over $141 000 bill – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 31, 2016

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has taken the Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers) group to the High Court seeking to recover over $141 000 in unpaid bills.


It was not clear in court papers when the amount was accrued, but the summons was issued under case number HC1946/16 on February 26. Zimpapers have since entered an appearance to defend notice dated March 9, 2016.

According to ZETDC, it supplied electricity to Zimpapers over an unspecified period, where it raised invoices and presented them to the publishing firm for payment, but the latter allegedly reneged on its obligation to pay for the services rendered.

“The plaintiff (ZETDC) supplied electrical power and electricity to the defendant (Zimpapers), and the defendant consumed electricity thus supplied by the plaintiff,” the power utility company said in its declaration attached to the summons.

“The plaintiff raised its invoices or bills for the use of such consumption and presented the invoices to the defendant and demanded payment.”

ZETDC said the raised invoices amounting to $141 288,43, which was now overdue and payable.

“Despite repeated requests, and several demands, the defendant, has refused, failed and/or neglected to pay the plaintiff the sum of $141 288,43. Defendant has no reason to refuse, fail and/or neglect to pay the plaintiff the said total sum.”

ZETDC also said it was seeking an order compelling Zimpapers to pay interest at a rate of 5% per annum from the date of service of summons to the date of full payment plus collection commission in terms of the by-laws of the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the costs of suit.

Zimpapers are the publishers of The Herald, Sunday Mail and Chronicle, among other newspapers.