Zhanda slams “useless” workers

via Zhanda slams “useless” workers – The Zimbabwean. 24 September 2015 by Pamenus Tuso

The deputy minister of Agriculture, Paddy Zhanda, has questioned the logic of employing more agricultural extension workers when maize production yields continue to plummet following the chaotic land “reform” programme.

Speaking at the commissioning of Zhulube Irrigation scheme Aquaculture project in Insiza district last week, Zhanda said before the land “reform” each ward in the country was manned by one extension worker – but since then government has hired five extension workers for every ward.

The minister argued that instead of adding more value to the agricultural sector, the employment of more extension workers resulted in poorer maize yields. “In 1995/ 1996 Zimbabwe used to produce 2, 6 million tonnes of maize and 1, 6 million tonnes of that come from communal farmers. At that point in time there was only one extension officer per ward and our yield was two tonnes per hectare. Now the yield has gone to 0,085 per hectare with five extension officers per ward. One wonders if this was a wise decision by government,” said Zhanda.

He also criticised what he described as misuse of land and water resources. “We as Zimbabweans are bad users of land and water. Go to other countries, one hectare is enough. You go to countries like Indonesia and Thailand, they export rice – but they do it on very small plots and they get very high yields,” said Zhanda.

The outspoken Zanu (PF) Goromonzi North legislator also chided politicians for taking the electorate for granted. “We leaders when we are elected by people we take them for granted that they are our people. The other problem is because we want cheap votes from them we tell them lies. That’s very bad,” he said.

The Zhulube Aquaculture Project is part of the $4, 5 million European Commission-funded four-year “Integrated and Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Production for Improved Food Security for Vulnerable Households in Zimbabwe”.


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    Fundani Moyo 5 years ago

    What was the basis for employing five extension workers instead of one when there was no proof that they could do better than one? It’s a culture of cronyism at best compounded by the incompetent leadership Zimbabwe has. Instead of Zhanda stating the obvious, he should fire all those incompetent extension workers to demonstrate that he means business.

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    Except the dishonourable minister z silent the also the very useless government which he z part of. I thought those vadhumeni are part of the sane govt he also z part.
    Talk of seeing the speck in a brother ignoring zidanda in your own eye. The fish rots from the head and you Mr Minister are part of the head

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    Fabian Mhiti 5 years ago

    Except the minister ignores how useless the government as a whole z. Fish rots from the head of which you are .you seeing the speck in the vadhumeni s eyes usingaoni zidanda in your own eye.
    You all part of the deadwood government . Chek Zhanda as you point your four finger at the vadhumeni where your other fingers are pointed. Do Zimbabwe a favour by firing yourself first and then fire vadhumeni