Zhuwao threatens radical measures against critics

via Zhuwao threatens radical measures against critics – Newsday October 17, 2015

YOUTH and Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao yesterday warned he would use radical measures to counter his critics if they continued to throw spanners in the works.


Zhuwao’s predecessors had suggested a raft of amendments to the contentious indigenisation laws, which economic analysts and some Zanu PF members say needed drastic reviews for the country to regain investor confidence and attract the much-needed foreign direct investment to the country.

But Zhuwao has since indicated that he would not entertain any changes to the law, and instead, proposed that all companies pay an
empowerment tax.

Zhuwao yesterday said all those criticising him would not succeed.

“For those who want to stand in my way, I know how you are going to come and I have a counter-measure for you,” he said.

Zhuwao was addressing the inaugural national economic empowerment conference in Harare. The conference was attended by hundreds of youths and some senior government officials.

Zhuwao labelled his critics “ignorant” and people fond of criticising without reading and understanding the provisions of the law.
He said plans to introduce an indigenisation levy would go ahead despite criticism.

“The work I have been given is not to debate the merits of the Indigenisation Act. The law is there and that is it. There is no debate about indigenisation. My role is to implement,” he said.

“There might be those who have not read the Indigenisation Act, I urge you to read it because I have read it. When I talk, I am clear
about what I am saying because I have read it. When I talk, I am actually in the process of setting up a trap for you to expose your ignorance.”

He said he was aware of plans by his detractors to badmouth him and derail the successful implementation of his plans at the ministry, but warned all would come to naught.

“If you have anything to say, come and say it. Don’t go behind and try and influence my colleagues and try to influence members
of my family that they should talk to me. I am not lost,” Zhuwao said.

“I know exactly where you stand. I am here to flush you out because you are a threat to the empowerment of my people.”

Factional fights are threatening to tear apart Zanu PF and it is also derailing government business.

Speaking at the same meeting, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere urged Zhuwao to concentrate on finding other avenues to open opportunities for young people.

He warned Zhuwao against working as a debt collector, forcing youths to repay loans rather than sourcing more funds for youths’ projects.

Zhuwao, President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, was recently appointed to take over the controversial ministry from the now-Information minister Christopher Mushowe.


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    Is this man so stupid to not be aware that there is no Foreign Investment in the Country BECAUSE of the Indigenisation Law. Perhaps he is .

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    better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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    C Frizell 7 years ago

    As his fingers are in the till up to his armpit, no doubt he cannot see any reason why the country needs an economy, or investors. He must also be exceedingly stupid!

    How can anyone be surprised that Dangote turned his back on the country? No doubt he told his people, “In Zimbabwe they are all insane, and thieves as well”