Zim shutdown much ado about nothing – economist

Source: Zim shutdown much ado about nothing – economist – The Zimbabwe Independent July 7, 2016

THE ongoing #ZimShutDown2016 is much about ado about nothing as far as the economy is concerned, a leading economist has said.

Speaking to Fin24 on Wednesday, economist John Robertson said the Zimbabwean economy has long been dead and Wednesday’s stayaway will not make much of a difference.

More than 110 people were arrested in Zimbabwe on Wednesday during a nationwide shut-down that the authorities later said was a “flop”, according to reports by the state Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

Seventy-five people were arrested in Bulawayo, 19 in Harare and 17 in Victoria Falls, ZBC said in separate reports.
Robertson, a strong critic of government’s polices and known for his straight talk, said Wednesday will pass just like another Sunday, a day where people do not go to work.

“There isn’t much work being done in the factories anyway, so this will not make much of a difference,” he said.

While industry might not see significant impact, the same cannot be said about retailers and wholesalers who are usually full to capacity on a normal day.

Meikles company secretary Thabani Mpofu, whose company runs Pick n Pay stores, said although they are still compiling reports from across the country, most of their stores were not operating at full throttle.

“Some of our employees have faced difficulties in coming to work so we are not operating at full throttle.

“Our branch in Chipinge has however been closed for the day,” he added.

A banker with CBZ, Zimbabwe’s biggest bank with strong links with government, said there was no pressure from bosses for employees to come to work.

“Our bosses have adopted a safety first approach so each individual is free to assess his or her situation. While some of CBZ’s branches are closed, the ones that are open are operating on skeleton staff.

“Meanwhile the government, through the Secretary for Health and Child Care, has since advised striking healthy workers that their June salaries will now be paid earlier than planned.

“Further to our earlier communication where we advised that the June 2016 salaries for Health workers would be paid on 14 July 2016, please be advised that Treasury has informed us that salaries for Health workers for the month of June 2016 will now be paid on 8 July 2016.”-Fin24


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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago

    Robertson is correct You can’t die twice.This country is ruins!

  • comment-avatar
    Bob Butson 6 years ago

    For once John, your wise words have smothered the main reason for the unrest. As an intelligent man the struggle that has begun is about the evil of ZANU PF, and the suffering of those who struggle to make their merge incomes meet the demands of their families.
    In all probability, the ZRP roadblocks, and their manner of operation has caused the ‘spark’ of a possible revolution.
    I can still remember the women of Harare in 1980 when Independence was announced, crowing like cockerels as they walked the streets of Harare, overjoyed at the unfolding events.
    We have gone full circle John, with a new modern Chimurenga about to devour the ‘cockerel’.
    Choose your words wisely, so as to help achieve a new social order that is so desperately needed.
    We who do not take on the battle of the streets must respect the demands of those who long for a better deal in life. The beatings with truncheons, and the risk of being shot with an assault rifle are great.
    Respect the efforts of those who could be about to give their lives for freedom from tyranny.

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    Kabunga 6 years ago

    Yes, it doesn’t make a difference to the already broken economy but it’s the first time people have stood together in protest saying enough is enough which is what is important here.

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    Farai 6 years ago

    Ooops you are ill advised about the reason for the stay away. It was neither meant to slow down production nor to reduce economic activity… It was simply a message to be send to those in power that people are not happy with them. This was not a flop. It was a success. The message was received.

  • comment-avatar
    nyoka musango 6 years ago

    it was just a reminder to those in power

  • comment-avatar
    Bubble 6 years ago

    Well what happened on the 6th of june was not a flop at all,people I want to say thank you for the effort that everyone did.we must remember that country belongs to us,Not Zanu pf not Mugabe surely,this goverment should know there r sitting on those posts because peopple appointed them to be there,its so sad to see that the country is at shumbles because of those top officials,they are living well amongst riches that they have surely stolen from the people of this. country,when people try to make ends meet for their familes,they are able to strip the resources of people creating themselves employement we all know that most Zimbabweans now make a living through trading,my fellow zimbabewans this should have continued in a peaceful manner people should have stayed away until the country was at hault.we r not doing this for any political party we r doing this for us our families.We need change we need our country back,it was never taken away. From us, we are the ones that could fix it.so we need to do this again stay away for one week even two weeks or a month if that takes it there until we are seen as people of zimbabwe because right now we r prisoners,scavangers,in our own country.anything that is thrown to us we take it.its time now to stand together in silence.

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    Robertson You are lost its not about immediate change of the situation of which you can write what you want but really know that even u yourself can not change anything to make a difference.You may have facts in what ever nature but for Zimbabwe thats a way forward otherwise you have other means better than that becoz you will contribute nothing other than talking sh***t.So you expected people to keep quiet,then what where you going to say about that.

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    Reverend 6 years ago

    I am sure the zpf cheffs really enjoyed your article Mr Robertson, and it certainly helped them to write it off as “much to do about nothing”, but I look at it as the first small step to ridding this country of this inherent evil and do away with it forever and sadly it has taken 36 years for the people to wake up and start to claim the country back from this evil man and his cohorts. We are on our way and it would be good as a contributor to encourage the people, not insult them.

  • comment-avatar
    C Frizell 6 years ago

    He entirely misses the point, it is the GESTURE that counts. A two’s up to Organised Crime.

    And bloody good too.

    • comment-avatar
      bubble 6 years ago

      I surely think Mugabe and his cabanite must think the people of zimbabwe are stupid we don’t think.he is the same person that blames the western country for zimbabwe state,and the same person that admits that they is no money in that country,same person that has sent his lap dogs to go beg for money from those same western countries that he blames for destroying our country zimbabwe surely who is fooling who?its time he must admit that he has failed stop hiding behind western countries,we are where we are today not because of sanctions imposed to us by the western but because Mugabe and his regime.

  • comment-avatar
    Conquer 6 years ago

    Shame on you John! This time around you may just as well try darts. People of Zimbabwe are moving forward