Zimbabwe plans to export labour abroad

via Zimbabwe plans to export labour abroad 16 November 2014

MINES and Mining Development Deputy Minister Fred Moyo on Wednesday said the government plans to export labour in a bid to boost revenue.

Moyo was speaking at a fund-raising dinner held by the Zimbabwe School of Mines.

He said the school must reflect on how it can sell skills abroad to boost the country’s strained coffers.

“The school must reflect on how it can lead in pioneering a structure where it can export skills to the region in the same way that other countries export consumable goods,” he said.

”The school must have this awareness and move immediately to position itself to support the government’s espoused vision.”

Moyo’s statement comes a few weeks after Zanu PF national chairman urged Zimbabwe to emulate the example set by Cuba in exporting skilled labour abroad in a bid to boost the country’s dwindling revenue.


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    JRR56 8 years ago

    Unfortunately the brain drain happened long time ago. The remaining Zimbabweans can be enslaved though and sold elsewhere as labourers. The ruling elite has stolen everything else and broken every law in existence, probably trashed all ten commandments. Slavery would be a good addition to their resume.

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    Slavery is right. This government literally seems to think they own everything in the country, including its people, and can do whatever necessary to raise more money to support the fat cats.