Tajamuka – we have rebelled: Wednesday 6th July 2016

Source: Tajamuka – we have rebelled: Wednesday 6th July 2016 Zimbabwe Vigil UK


Zimbabwean demonstrators lay down in the road outside the conference in London addressed by Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa preventing him from leaving for more than an hour.

The minister had hoped to escape in an ordinary taxi after his arrival in the ambassador’s car ZIM 1 was ambushed by Zimbabwean exiles picketing Zanu PF’s fundraising conference in the heart of London’s financial district.

The minister’s taxi was backed up by other cars so was unable to escape the one way road and he had to wait until the demonstrators were lifted bodily by the police to clear the way.

The demonstration at the conference began before 8 am and ended at about 7 pm. Chinamasa was expected back for the last session but did not reappear, having failed by diplomatic car and taxi and declining a bicycle on grounds of corpulence,

Sources at the conference told the Zimbabwe Vigil that Chinamasa had been challenged by Professor Stephen Chan of the School of Oriental and African Studies: ‘Why are you begging money from the British government’.

Tendai Biti, the coalition’s finance minister who expressed support for our demonstration when he arrived, is said to have told Chinamasa bluntly that he was lying.

Zimbabwe Vigil supporters and others from ZAPU and MDC agreed to hold another demonstration outside the Zimbabwe Embassy from 10.30 – 12 noon on Wednesday 6th July in response to the myflag call for ‘Shut Down Zimbabwe. They are calling for everyone to stay at home but in our case we won’t stay at home but will be outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in solidarity with our families at home.

For videos of today’s protest check:https://www.facebook.com/www.rohrzimbabwe.org/videos?fref=photo

A full report on the week’s events will be given in the diary on Saturday.


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    onyonyoo 6 years ago

    Natty never get weary.

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    Mr Mugabe stop blaming the west for your mistakes it you who destroyed Zimbabwe the economy was in your hands you allowed your fake war vets as many young knows nothing about war mr mugabe you have failed the people of zimbabwe no longer want u they fear your dictatorship style you use the police and army and theft of election ur whole Zanu is worse than Iam smith is this reason you went to war to come and destrou industries agriculture look at yourself you use wrong way to take land back you have land but hungry onlu zanupf members benefited with more than one farm zanu have murdered more zimbabweans than Ian smith people have disappeared you looted zim and hide the loot overseas you and your ministers Zimbabwean s are slaves to you and you army you sold Zimbabwe to Chinese as a leader what achievement can you show zimbabwe is in ruins the soul that was murdered are crying before God the woman and children your police and army beat can you call yourself a leader if Tongogara was alive zim could have been better Zanu pf is a party of oppressors always you lie to us the west it is You who failed i can say zim is ruled by educated fools real fools in position and has power to kill whoever opposes you disappear remember samora saddam banda mabutho seseseko how did they end God will one day give Zimbabweans power Pharaoh was like you but the hand of God is greater than satan uour army can beat kill there own brothers fighting for better life Bobo bobo i real warn you we all have expiring dates on earth let Zimbabwe be free and have a leader who listens to people may the hand of God destroy zanu pf and its tyrants freedom is coming at any costs you shall one day run

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    One thing that annoys me is that anyone who disagrees with ZANU and Mugabe is labelled sponsored by the west. It is hight of idiotic mentality in other words they will be implying to say we Zimbos are stupid we can not see what’s bad unless told by Britain or American that the regime full of thieves and murderers. Idiots.