Zimbabweans are lazy: Khaya Moyo

via Zimbabweans are lazy: Khaya Moyo – NewsDay Zimbabwe 8 October 2014

SENIOR Minister of State in the President’s Office, Simon Khaya Moyo, yesterday had no kind words for fellow countrymen describing them as lazy and corrupt whilst showering China and Cuba with praises of good work in the face of challenges.

Speaking at the launch of the Harare Metropolitan Business Forum, Khaya Moyo, who was representing Vice-President Joice Mujuru, said Zimbabwe would not realise its full potential if it did not follow in Cuba’s and China’s footsteps in the spirit of hard work, respect for leadership, integrity and unity.

“China and Cuba worship hard work. It’s key. They also worship unity. They have zero tolerance to corruption. Above all, they respect their leaders,” Khaya Moyo said.

“I am glad that China, Cuba and other similar countries are so united and disciplined. If this country is to succeed, we must ask ourselves: Are we hardworking? Are we disciplined? Are we united? If we fail to subscribe to these attributes, then we are going nowhere.

Khaya Moyo commended Cuba for standing resilient against United States sanctions.

“The Cubans have been under American embargoes for the past 53 years or so. They have invested so much in labour. Every village in Cuba has a doctor and their life expectancy is 75 years of age. Their doctors who are abroad send remittances back home,” he said before reading Mujuru’s speech.

The accusations come amid serious fights within Zanu PF as factions fight to position themselves to succeed 90-year-old President Robert Mugabe.


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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    What a village idiot. Its zanupf which is lazy lazy. Stealing instead of governing. We all know Cuba is a failed state as well. Puppets of masters

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      Khaya Moyo is a clown of the highest order. Apologies to clowns. They entertain people . Make it of the lowest order.“China and Cuba worship hard work. It’s key. They also worship unity. They have zero tolerance to corruption. Above all, they respect their leaders,” The corrupt people in Zimbabwe are the Politicians mainly of his Party. How do you expect people to work hard when they don’t have jobs. We all know that the lazy ones in the civil service were put there by relatives who are MPs and Ministers in the Zanu ranks. Most of the good civil servants were let go to accommodate their relatives now he has a cheek to say people are lazy. The rudderless ship continues on it’s journey to nowhere.

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    JRR56 8 years ago

    It is a big problem when the boss is a thief and the workers unpaid and lazy…

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    Mapingu 8 years ago

    What Moyo fails to say is: Those Cuban doctors who are abroad were educated by the Cuban government and mostly assigned to those countries where they are working on government-to-government agreements. In short they were educated by the Cubans, secured employments by Cubans and sponsored by Cubans to countries of their posting.

    They did not struggle on their own to get educated, to get employment abroad, and buy themselves air tikects to travel to those countries of employment.

    In Zimbabwe, its only zanu pf fat-cats’ children, including those of Khaya Moyo himself, who are sponsored by government for everything they want. Worse still after such sponsorship in foreign universities the zanu pf fatcats encourage their children to stay put in those countries or ask them to move to corrupt countries like China where they will live and take care of the ill gotten wealth their parents will be busy syphoning from Zimbabwe.

    Can anyone ask Moyo, how many of his own children are Zimbabwe right now; and what they doing, if any??

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    tapiwa 8 years ago

    Khaya Moyo let me inform you of this zimbabweans are among the most hardworking, disciplined and united people Its you who does not have even an iota of those attributes so keep your insults to your family.

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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Do not call us lazy because what have you done right to remove yourself from the rest of our useless politicians!!! Do not tell me that operating a bottle store is not laziness.I worked hard for more than 30 years in a reputable company and produced quality products before you guys messed the economy.Taking things from others is not being industrious in any form-this is real laziness and cruelty.We designed and implemented projects which still work today after 15 years of my retirement,therefore I earned my pension through hard work not through destruction.Please do not insult us to please your Cuban friends.

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    Chiwoniso D 8 years ago

    Rubish SK Moyo. What have you done yourself besides being honoured for being briefcase carrier for JM Nkomo & nothing else. Zimbos know that. Your days in office are numbered you bootlinker.

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    toperasu 8 years ago

    Last time I checked Khaya Moyo was Zimbabwean– is he calling himself lazy. He was ambassador to SA– yes, did you find Zimbabweans lazy over there, working in commercy, industry and agriculture– is that a sign of laziness. Khaya– come abroad and see the Zimbabwean diasporan humping and hustling and sending money home– you call that laziness.
    As to respect, what have you done to be respected. You ran the country into the ground, you dine and feast with killers, you wallow and grow fat in corruption, you do not respect the very people you are leading. You actually despise them and call them lazy and yet you want their respect. What is wrong with you– you do not realise that respect is a two way street– it is earned. What have you done to earn this respect? Shame on you. the Chinese are tough on corruption– What have you done to your corrupt peers, servant and your masters. Nada

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    Travel around the world were Zimbos are, S.K & open your eyes! What you are saying is absolutely rubbish, remember that it’s you & your zanu pf hooligans that brought a nation once known as bread basket of Africa to its knees. Besides where are the jobs, so that we can prove you wrong idiot.

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    Matome 8 years ago

    I am surprised by the comments from such a figure. We deposit our money in banks and you close them, we eke a living through selling tomatoes and vegetables you send the police to take such stock. Who is not hardworking?? The Chinese you are so praising are the worst colonisers and abuses their workers to the lowest ebb. Your take on this issue is misinformed HONOURABLE.

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    How can SK say we should have zero tolerance to corruption and respect our leaders when it is our leaders that are the most corrupt. We should have zero tolerance to our leaders who are corrupt and respect for the people.

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    Open Eye 8 years ago

    SK – All I can say is read the comments above and maybe below. If you find ONE supporting your utterances, well congratulations otherwise you need to do some inner-self searching. You are an – I don’t need to tell you. You know what you are.

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    U are a zombie. Who dare to be enslaved for life. Zimboz in Zim are slaves for ZANU. You torture and brutalise the vulnerable and play dirty politics to tarnish opposition and the Amerrican people. I don’t buy ZANU PFideology they are murderers who live on stolen wealth. They destroy and their moto is don’t be caught.