Zimbabweans present petition to British PM

London – A group of flag-draped Zimbabweans today presented a petition to number 10 Downing Street, the home of the British Prime Minister.

Source: Zimbabweans present petition to British PM – The Zimbabwean 19.08.2016

The Zimbabweans are demanding the deportation of Tafadzwa Kasukuwere, the son of the minister of local government, Saviour Kasukuwere who is studying at Swansea university in the UK.
Earlier, the Zimbabweans had gathered outside the zimbabwe embassy before marching to Number 10.
Theresa May, the British Prime Minister was not in when the petition was handed over.


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    ntaba 6 years ago

    No. 10 Downing Street got Zimbabwe into this jolly predicament in the first place – with the intellectual and political brilliance of Lord Carrington, Margaret Thatcher and Malcolm Fraser who thought that they had been anointed to save Zimbabwe with their sweet talking called Robert Mugabe. It is about time that the British and the Commonwealth took some responsibility for some of their historical irresponsibility. To the Brotish Government and the Commonwealth we say- “Your time is now! – after 36 years of your Mugabe Plan – go and have a look for yourselves, at your combined handiwork with your top Mujiba Professor Iain Scoones.” If not get professional consultant – not a political consultant like Henry Kissinger. That has been tried over the last 36 years!

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    Lucky 6 years ago

    ntaba– I have to agree with you– the Brits have stuffed up throughout history– not only the last 36 years for our Zimbabwe– what about the rest of the -world-? South Africa- Kenya, ad infinitum- I think the rot started with the charge of the ” Light Brigade” under Lord Cardigan– 600 cavalry could could overrun an entrenched army with cannons across an open plain– Only the arrogant Poms could dream up that one– Stiff upper lip old boy– CHARGE– result– another balls up. Guess what! Nothing has changed– they will keep on cocking up!

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    Chiwaridza 6 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more. The British have stood back and watched this murderer, dictator and psychopath destroy one of the Commonwealth’s best performing countries in every way….

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    The British Government has so much to answer for – the graveyards of the world are littered with the bodies, of those who trusted the back stabbing and treacherous British Governments.

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    A petition is a waste of time, however, commendable that a few are doing something for the many but to no avail.
    The British got rid of the problem of ‘Rhodesia’ – washed their hands – backed a pathetic PF set up that could not push an ox cart without crashing it and that’s exactly what has happened from day one!
    In hindsight, that’s what the people voted for – rigged or not! The Brit monitoring force were mostly a bunch of ignorant idiots that were clueless, in some cases and had never left the shores of dear old England but came to meddle in our affairs. Once done, gone like long dogs back home – job ‘nicely’ done!
    Nothing new! My grandfather and my late father, when I was growing up said on occasions, never trust the British. Do so at your peril. I think they were right.
    Now we are paying the price and the silence s deafening!

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    Roger Zulu 6 years ago

    Well done Britain with commendations beginning even earlier with the likes of Harold Wilson and David Owen. Look at the desolate corrupt Zimbabwe now compared to a vibrant Southern Rhodesia and then Rhodesia.
    Was, the bread basket of Africa
    Was, the best education through out the continent for Africans
    Had the most efficient civil service
    Had a brilliant army
    Had a brilliant Rhodesian Railways, brilliant roads, and an envied game conservation. Ian Smith retired to his farm on a simple gov pension. Unlike Mugabe and his wife Grace have creamed billions off to China. Absolutely true that one man one vote needed to be introduced. But not over night , as the Rhodesian Gov pleaded to allow the thugs of Zanu PF free reign. Us Africans be careful for what you pray for.

    Had in comparison to the rest of Africa a good health system