Zimbabweans promoting criminality in SA: Mbalula

Source: Zimbabweans promoting criminality in SA: Mbalula – DailyNews Live

Bridget Mananavire  26 July 2017

HARARE – South Africa’s Police minister Fikile Mbalula has accused
undocumented Zimbabwe nationals of wreaking havoc and perpetrating crime
in the neighbouring country.

“They kill, they do everything, we get into those buildings, they are
stinking, they are dirty and they are high-jacked. We went there with the
police, we raided those places. I told one person coming from Zimbabwe,
`we are coming with the police; you know what is going to happen? We are
going to arrest you for not having papers.’ He said to me, `minister I
know, but I will try my best to come back’.”

Mbalula said xenophobia was being used to silence him.

“One time I said the people who robbed that OR Tambo (Airport) in terms of
the heist, five of them arrested come from Zimbabwe. They are trained
soldiers. South Africa was bombing on me that I was being xenophobic, I
was not, I was just exposing the nationality, and I said let me leave this


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    T.Marecha 5 years ago

    Mbalula criminality in South Africa has been in existence for ages. During and after apartheid, people were dying in South Africa.
    It is a known fact that use of knives and guns is common in Joza. Zimbabwe’s economic problem has for sure caused increased movement of people across into South Africa, even though the movement of people from South Africa’s neighboring countries is a phenomenon which is older than you, Mbalula and was even initiated by South Africa.

    The assumption that any person seen wearing army uniform is a soldier is unfortunate just like the assumption that any person in white regalia is from a religious background.

    Zimbabwe army authorities have records of their cadres, it would help if you could confirm with them before making such inflammatory statements. if you really are from the security field, you surely should know how to handle such issues.