Zimdef buys outdated equipment for colleges

via Zimdef buys outdated equipment for colleges | The Herald December 9, 2015

Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
The Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) bought outdated automotive engineering equipment for colleges, some of it manufactured in 1982, under unclear circumstances.

The machines were bought under a $2,3 million retooling exercise for the tertiary institutions.

The programme is meant to equip colleges with state-of-the-art technology, but Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo unearthed the irregularity while commissioning the equipment at Harare Polytechnic recently.

Prof Moyo confirmed the development and said the outdated equipment would soon be replaced.

“It is the case that out of this package, some equipment is outdated,” he said. “The other stuff is as recent as 2014, but can be upgraded because its software based. So, all the software based stuff, no problem. But the hardware stuff can be problematic and ZIMDEF, working with the polytechnics, are going to rectify that.

“So, they will replace the two cases. They will engage the supplier. We are going to see if it can be returned and replaced, that is the first option.

“If that is not possible for whatever reason, there are lower levels that have better use for that equipment than the polytechnics. So, we will avail it to those lower levels and make sure that our polytechnics have the equipment that they need and ZIMDEF is committed to doing that.”

The $2,3 million is part of the $9 million, which was set aside by Government to retool the State-run learning institutions.

The equipment, bought through a local company Rousant International Limited, includes diesel diagnosis machines, 3D wheel alignment machines, computerised engine diagnostic testing machines, signal generators, electronic and fuel injection system trainer, crankshaft grinding machine and accessories and surface grinding machines.

These would be distributed to Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Mutare, and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo polytechnics.

Westgate Industrial Training Centre and Msasa Industrial Training Centre will also receive the equipment.

Prof Moyo said the project, which was an initiative under ZIMDEF in 2012, was meant to retool and capacitate the polytechnics and industrial training centres.

“We are unveiling it today, but it started in 2012, which means the documentation that informed the tender was done in 2012 and the specifications made in 2012, but all of it involving automotive engineering,” he said.

“So, this is a learning experience that perhaps due to the bureaucratic process that was in place at the time about the procurement and tender system, a lot of time lapsed so that by the time you get what you wanted, especially given how technology develops and is upgraded these days, you maybe behind. What you receive might be outdated, 2012 to 2015 is a good three years.”



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    I bet every one involved in this tender is building a new mansion and buying cars. Shame