ZimPF: Mutare rally to finish Mugabe off

Source: ZimPF: Mutare rally to finish Mugabe off – NewZimbabwe 12/07/2016

THE first time visit to the eastern border city of Mutare by former vice president Joyce Mujuru as leader of an opposition party on Saturday will signal the end of President Robert Mugabe’s relevance in the province of Manicaland, a ZimPF official has said.

Mujuru is expected to hold a five star rally at Sakubva stadium as political parties in the country drum up support ahead of the 2018 polls.

The former vice president was fired from the ruling party for allegedly plotting to topple Mugabe in 2014.

ZimPF Manicaland Secretary for Information and Information Communication Technology (ICT), Moses Mutyasira, confirmed Mujuru’s planned visit to the Manicaland capital.

“ZimPF Manicaland province is making final preparations for the impending visit by our President Dr Joice Mujuru on the 16th of July at Sakubva stadium. The mood is quite electric and all our Manicaland structures are ready,” said Mutyasira.

“As for Mugabe, we hereby issue him a travel ban to Manicaland province since we have totally cut ourselves from his despotic rule and the suffering we have endured as a province under his leadership,” said Mutyasira.

He said they were expecting a bumper crowd to send signals to Zanu PF that their “days are numbered”.

“As a province, we are expecting a bumper crowd to send warning signals to Zanu PF and its ageing leader that time for him to step down and pass on the baton is now.

“All our wards, constituencies and provincial structures are working flat out, mobilizing new members to join ZimPF and this is going to be a defining rally for this province,” said Mutyasira.

He said the party was happy with the support it was receiving from local the business community, vendors, Small to Medium business entrepreneurs and individuals in the province.

“We have put in place security mechanisms to ensure that people are not intimidated or harassed. We want to ensure that people come freely. We urged people to come in full force and show solidarity with Dr Mujuru.”



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    peacelover 6 years ago

    Mother nation, the iron lady, from HEAVEN MAI MUJURU to rescue Zimbabwe

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    Go Joy go. Mother of the nation

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    Fallenz 6 years ago

    But, will she then turn control back to ZANU-PF? Me thinks she’s a bit wicked, eh.

    There’s a story of a young man who found a near-frozen mamba in the mountains. The snake pleaded for help, and promised not to bite the young man if he would help. The foolish lad put the snake in his coat to warm it. Once the snake was sufficiently warm, it bit the fellow. As the guy lay dying from the venom, he said to the snake, “But you promised you’d not harm me!” The snake replied as it slithered away, “You knew well that I was a snake, so don’t complain.” The moral: once a snake, always a snake. Beware!

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      That’s true don’t trust her at all, she was enjoying the privilege before at zanuPf. People forget easily she never blamed anyone there now she pretending like a god sent. No you can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool everybody all the time we know that umtwana wenyoka yinyoka

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    munhu 6 years ago

    ……Manicaland remember…….MUTAKA WA AMAI MUJURU…….wolf in sheep skin…

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    Chiwaridza 6 years ago

    Bear in mind what Joyce Majuru did to the War Veterans Association disability fund back in the mid 1990’s – she fleeced if I am not mistaken, the second highest amount from the fund – what 90 % disability does she have ??

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    busani 6 years ago

    Lets hope Mujuru is bringing milk and honey again in our country.

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    Mthwakazi 6 years ago

    BUT SHE HAS DISANGAGED FR0M THE DEVIL. GIVE HER A CHANCE. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CHOMBO, MANGANGWA AND THE REST OF THEM TODAY? SHE IS NOT AN OBSTACLE ANYMORE. THESE CIOs WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. They are all over the show saying things about anyone who is anti-zanu and not saying anything about the current leadership that is refusing to disembark and leave us alone. They tell Ndebeles not to join Tajamuka. Run to everybody and say #Thisflag this and that. It’s anything but them. Sukani lapha mani m’godoyi.

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    denny 6 years ago

    kkkkkk pakwioa

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    Destined for success 6 years ago

    Just a change is necessary. What will happen after will be
    seen. At least let others show what they are capable of. Failure or success don’t be afraid of the unknown. Anyone at this moment can do. Bad or good, a change is necessary.

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    C Frizell 6 years ago

    Please don’t forget, Joice Mujuru is EXCEEDINGLY corrup. But no doubt she also didn’t appreciate Solomon being braai’d

    ALL Zanoids and ex-Zanoids are Known Criminals – don’t forget that either, or be surprised by them.

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    Joseph Tate 6 years ago

    She was fired. If she had not been fired, she would still be happily partaking of the ill gotten wealth so awash in ZANU PF. Don’t be fooled. She is just as corrupt.