Zimra to use garnishee orders as last resort

via Zimra to use garnishee orders as last resort | The Herald 31 October 2014

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority will continue to use garnishee orders but only as a last resort to collect outstanding tax obligations and will not stifle business through rigid collection measures.
Zimra commissioner general Mr Gershem Pasi said the authority will first exhaust every other avenue to collect outstanding tax obligations.

“We will, however, continue to support survival of companies and we will only use garnishee orders as a last resort to collect from truant clients. We know times are hard,” said Mr Pasi.

Mr Pasi was speaking at the 3rd edition of the Taxpayer Appreciation Day commemoration yesterday. The commemoration ran under the theme; “Realising Zim-Asset goals through tax compliance”.

“We don’t want to close businesses. We want them to grow so that Zimra continues to surpass its targets year after year. Because if we close you down then next year what do we do?”

“Others which are spreading a cancer of absconding paying tax obligations will, however, be closed down.

“But of course we’ve always said there are one or two which we would not hesitate to close because their behaviour will be like a cancer which would need to be taken out but I am glad to say that those are few,” said Mr Pasi.

Officially opening the Second Session of the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe on Tuesday President Mugabe said Government is aware of concerns of around implementation of tax collection systems which are said to be smothering business growth.

“We are also aware of concerns over the implementation of the country’s tax system which is perceived to be stifling business growth. The matter is being attended to,” said President Mugabe.

ZIMRA launched the inaugural Taxpayer Appreciation Day in 2011 to recognise taxpayers who consistently pay their taxes on time and in full.

“Allow me to thank those of our clients who continue to pay their taxes on and in full for the development of our nation,” said Mr Pasi.