ZPC raises red flag on Chivayo power project

The Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) has raised the red flag over the pace at which convicted fraudster, Wicknell Chivayo’s Intratrek is implementating a multi-million-dollar energy deal after he was advanced part of the money for the Gwanda project.

Source: ZPC raises red flag on Chivayo power project – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 22, 2016


Giving oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy, ZPC acting managing director, Joshua Chirikutsi said Intratrek was failing to implement the project on time and had not been forth-coming, resulting in Chivayo’s firm failing to account for $1,8 million paid so far.

“We want this project to be accelerated and we have been engaging with the contractor, but, unfortunately, he hasn’t been forthcoming,” Chirikutsi told the committee chaired by Masvingo Urban MP, Daniel Shumba (Zanu PF).

Mberengwa North MP, Tafanana Zhou (Zanu PF) took on Chirikutsi, demanding to know how much the State-owned entity had paid to date.

“On the other works on the ground, progress has been slow. We are worried because the project is behind schedule. We have paid them $5,8m, but the other money was for taxes. So far from the works done, he (Chivayo)can’t account for $1,8m. We are really worried,” Chirikutsi responded.

“The works done by the contractor are valued at $500 000 and from our evaluations, there is exposure of about $1,8m, something we are worried about.”

The $206m project is aimed at generating 100 megawatts power from solar energy. But 10 months after its launch, nothing has taken shape other than minimal works, a feasibility study and other surveys carried out by ZPC.

The committee was also told about the controversial Dema project, with Zesa Holdings chief executive officer, Josh Chifamba, saying the deal was implemented on an emergency basis. He said it came as a directive from the Office of the President and Cabinet that Zesa should engage Sakunda Holdings – a company owned by Zanu PF benefactor, Kuda Tagwirei. MPs quizzed Chifamba if he was happy with the project and other risks associated such as environmental pollution as well as the costs related to it. The Zesa boss said other violations being committed by Sakunda should be raised with relevant authorities.