Zundaf reduces HIV prevalence

THE Zimbabwe United Nations Development Assistance Framework (Zundaf) has played a pivotal role in the reduction of the HIV and Aids prevalence rate by putting almost a million Zimbabweans on treatment.

Source: Zundaf reduces HIV prevalence – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 26, 2016


Speaking at the United Nations 71st anniversary celebrations in Harare on Monday, UN resident coordinator, Bishow Parajuli, hailed the Zundaf HIV and Aids partnership for significantly reducing the country’s HIV prevalence rate.

“In partnership with the development partners and the Global Fund, the programme on HIV and Aids is currently providing treatment to 915 000 Zimbabweans, resulting in the steady reduction of the prevalence rate,” he said.

According to Zundaf, between 2016 and 2020, 90% of people living with HIV should receive sustained antiretroviral therapy and have durable viral load suppression.

Zimbabwe has an estimated 1,4 million people living with HIV, with South Africa and Mozambique having the highest figures.

Parajuli said the Zundaf programme had helped in reducing maternal mortality by almost half in the last five years.
“The programme on reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health helped Zimbabwe to reduce the maternal mortality by 50% in the last five years,” he said.

According to the UN-supported national results, maternal mortality declined from 960 deaths per 100 000 live births in 2011 to 526 deaths per 100 000 in 2014.

Zundaf is also concentrating on other programmes like food and nutrition security, gender equality, poverty reduction and value addition, public administration and governance, which are also helping in upgrading the well-being and living conditions of Zimbabweans.