AN fertiliser shortage looms

via AN fertiliser shortage looms | The Zimbabwean by Nelson Sibanda 19.11.13

Zimbabwe faces an acute shortage of Ammonium Nitrate as the country’s biggest fertiliser producer, Sable Chemicals, was operating at 25 percent of capacity due to financial and other challenges.

A statement released recently by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, said Sable Chemicals requires over $50 million for procurement of raw materials and uninterrupted production of the fertilizer needed for the 2013/14 agriculture season.

Zimbabwe needs a total 150, 000 tonnes of AN and a similar tonnage of compound D fertiliser for the current farming season, according to the statement.

It was indicated that while there could be enough stocks of compound D fertilisers, there might be shortages of AN.

“Production of fertiliser at Sable Chemicals faced various economic challenges and the company was operating at 25 percent of capacity,” reads part of the statement.

While it has the capacity to produce 240, 000 tonnes of fertiliser, because of funding constraints Sable will only be able to produce 70, 000 tonnes this year.

The company has already produced 50, 000 tonnes of AN fertiliser.



  • comment-avatar
    Takaota Joni 9 years ago

    Year in year out, these fertilizer companies subotage our farming. Why shouldn’t we revoke their licences?

  • comment-avatar
    Shebah 9 years ago

    These companies always want to be bailed out every year and in all cases too late for the farmer. Lets just import fertiliser from the $50 million they require from govt.

  • comment-avatar
    masvukupete 9 years ago

    Minister Made atotanga kupa maexcuses. Year in year out our agric minister will give excuse after excuse for non performance, asi basa rake anongoriwana chete. With this kind of reward system no one is compelled to use their heads to move the country forward. The country needs to start rewarding doers, achievers and performers in order to incentive production. Maslow says “humans are inherently lazy and need motivation to work”. So by rewarding laziness and incompetent workers (including ministers and presidents) no real results will be realized.